Kanye West FLIPS Out at Cameraman: Don't Talk to Me!

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Kanye West pulled a Dr. Evil on a TMZ cameraman today.

The rapper arrived at LAX and barely gave a reporter the chance to give him props on "Yeezus" before telling him to zip it. To hush. To not dare say another word.

"Don't talk to me," Kanye says in the video below. "I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know ... tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows... don't talk to themselves..."


Watch the (one-sided) exchange now and someone go get Kanye a chill pill. You knocked up Kim Kardashian, dude. You're basically married to the paparazzi at this point.

And to think ... it was just two months ago when Kanye walked into a pole and absolutely lost his $h!t on the paparazzi in very similar fashion.

Let's go to the instant replay below!


Everyone ought to quit talking to him and we should stop listening to him!
Bet that would cramp his style. I agree, marry the money-grabbing scamming ho. He's a big boy; he got himself into this. People don't like him and people don't like her. Everyone quit listening to his rap.


nice moves

Rick patin

Yeah... I know how Kayne feels.


victoria who cares on how much u make???


What's with all the Kardashian men going cuckoo with the paps -- Rob,
Odom, now this lunatic! I think the pressure of being a Kardashian puppet 24/7 is getting to these dicks! Bruce chills by just getting more Botox.


his nickname: BLACK FLIPPER!!


I am afrsid for Kim. This guy is an abuser.

@ lori

Yes,he is.. Only a matter of time before he assaults her. He's a very angry,self entitled person. She should of figured that out when his ex gf's accused him of abuse,when he publicly insulted T.Swift,and when he charged a female pap. Kim gotta lot more than she bargained for. All she cares about are $$$signs.


Chimpout!! ....Monkey shines! Insecure turd dik wimp!!! On the DL too?? no doubt.Where are all the obama voter white trash women to defend their favorite nghr Kanye?? lol


Chimpout! ......Monkey shines!....KFC!! Irresponsible black dopes should not reproduce.

@ Bronson

Oh come on MR. BRONSON - Let's not make this @ RACE!
Kanye would STILL be a complete moron with a double-digit IQ & an anger Management problem IF HE WERE WHITE, correct?

@ I'm+no+ANGEL

Bronsom shut up he is such a jerk not bacause he is black like stop the racist talk


Macho Kanye, walks into pole. Now that was the best yet.... YeeeeeeHaaaaaa! The pole stood its ground, too bad he didn't fall down on his ass. That made him WILD, because now he looks like a real A-hole.

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