Kat Dennings: So Sick of Justin Bieber Shirtless Pics!

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Kat Dennings now knows how we feel when watching 2 Broke Girls:

Unhappy. Nauseous. In shock that anyone with a pulse could possibly be a fan.

The actress Tweeted her disgust this week over Justin Bieber shirtless photos, initially writing on the social network:

"Justin Bieber's Instagram is making me uncomfortable."

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  • Justin Bieber Selfie

As expected, Dennings received some harsh feedback from Beliebers following this post, so she attempted a clarification soon afterward:

"I would like to clear up what I said about Justin Bieber's Instagram," Dennings told E! News. "Here's the deal: I said that about his Instagram because there's so many shirtless pictures, and I feel like he's too young to be posting shirtless pictures! I mean good for you, you've got that side stuff and you're real young."

Note to Dennings: you've got some cleavage and you're pretty young. Good for you, too!

What do you think, readers? Are you sick of Justin Bieber posing topless shots?


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I liked him better befor all of the tattoos and all the shirtless pics why are all of the singers turning all weird like doing drugs and crap?


Really, really, really dislike Justin Bieber...and Kat Dennings. Honestly I don't see any talent when I look at her, at least Justin Bieber puts on a good show, unlike her. She's just not funny and not that great of an actress.


Who's Kat Dennings? And why is she relevant?




Dozens of celebrities including, Nick Jonas recently, have displayed their upper body in pictures from Elvis tru today. What the hell is this bitch complaining about? Would she prefer to look at Wiener's wiener?


kat denning tell it all girl! everyone is sick seeing this heffa shirtless, even though he is 6 pack or watever...his whole body is just sick ! ! trying to show off how sick you are ! !


2 Broke Girls is an awesome show by the way. Justine Bieber is great - but as a 17 year old girl - I am tired of him taking his shirt off too!!!! It is getting kinda creepy.

@ lisi

You dumb moron, don't you realize other celebrities have done the same thing? Google the pictures. They have even shown more than than that and nobody complains. At least he has not appeared on stage just in underwear as two boy bands did recently or made nude movies.


And I'm really sick of how painfully and relentlessly unfunny you are Kat. Interesting that you use JB's name to get some face-time. You're the sad one girl.


2 broke girls are genius!