Justin Bieber Shirtless Pics: Holy Six Pack!

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According to former football great Willie McGinest, Justin Bieber is a great neighbor.

And according to our very own eyeballs, Justin Bieber has an amazing six-pack. Hot damn!

The singer posted a pair of shirtless photos on Instagram yesterday, following a stop on his Believe tour in Denver, not bothering to include a caption with either because… come on.

What is there to say about a body such as this?

Justin Bieber Shirtless Shot
Justin Bieber Twitter Picture

No wonder Bieber's fans will stick with him through thick, thin and parking in handicapped spots.

"Thank you Denver! One of the best shows of the tour. Crowd was LOUD tonight. Thank u #blessed #believetour," Bieber posted on his Twitter page after the show.

He then left for Oklahoma City, where he planned to give back to victims of the devastating May tornado.

"we got OKC tonight," he wrote on Twitter. "held 200 tickets for students from some of the schools recently destroyed. hope they enjoy the show."

We have no doubt they did. Way to go, JB.


U no i really don't like JB but u no he is pretty hot shirtless and the people how say he not hot with his shirt off they are wrong and they no it


he is so sexy even though i dont like him but im starting to


bieber is soooooooooooooooo hot my friend is goin to his concert 2day its sooo not FUCKIN fair.....ya ya ya i no tht the fair is in august!!!!!!!


Holy 8 pack.. count it.. upp love you babee♥

Ms billie

He's just straight up gross why would anyone think he looks good. Someone feed the damn kid and while you're at it PLEASE tell him to keep his cloths on before someone pukes.


For God's sake he is like 90 pounds, a 6-pak doesn't realy count.


come on that's just average. mine is better looking


Gee, I wonder if Michael Jackson realises how fabulous he was to attract such a large fan base - looking like an emaciated bulemic and sounding like a litttle girl right into adulthood! Yet poor JB gets crucified for breaking the charts before his voice broke and for having the gall to develop into sexy! Guys are disgustingly bitchy when they find themselves feeling inferior! And y'all wanna pick on girls!!!


He still looks like a skinny 12 year old! No wonder Selena dumped him!


Justin Bieber takes twinkie to a whole new absurd annoying level

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