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Ray J has come out with the official music video for "I Hit It First." It's positively hilarious.

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Ray J was arrested in May 2014 and eventually charged with 10 crimes. Among them? Sexual battery.

Ray J: Arrested After Hotel Altercation

Singer Ray J was arrested in Beverly Hills Friday night for an alleged altercation with police.

Ray J and Joan Rivers Sex Tape Parody

Ray J and Joan Rivers parody the former's sex tape with Kim Kardashian in this video. It's funny and it's scary.

Ray J Makes Fun of Kanye

Ray J makes fun of Kanye West in this TMZ video. He also speaks out on a new sex tape.

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Ray. J. He. Did. Hit. Fridsty


What a sore loser..get a life retard!!


I am not a Kim K. fan at all, but with this song Ray J reminds me of Tiger Woods’s skanks who were telling the world about their affairs so they could get paid. Except in this case, there is no element of surprise. We’ve known for years, you made a tape! And?? He just comes across as bitter, petty, and pathetic. Not a good look.


Really? He aint got nothing better to do than make a song like this. He needs to get a fucking life and stop worrying about Kim's life. He didnt hit that first anyways cuz she married Damon first. If Ray J was better in bed she would of stayed with Ray, But he aint good in bed like he aint good a rappin. Get the fuck out of here Ray you fucking suck dick!! Imma fan of Kanye and he is a man not like your PUNK ASS!!!!!


I'm glad he's dissing her smutty ass. She got rich for being a talentless hussy, this wouldn't of happened had she been black she would of never lived that tape down.


Catchy little tune. Will improve Ray J's music hype for about six minutes!


lil ray j done used up all whitneys drugs.So Kim is big news with her humongus pumpkin butt.why not ride that gravy train a bit longer....hes a disgusting no talent lil boy tryin to make some noise. he will fade out with this stunt.


Money is what makes the world go around! Kim did her video first to make the bucks then comes this video to make more buck,,,,WHO KNEW???


Funny song but he needs to fact check. He didn't hit it first 63 other niggas did


hahahhah!! dats ma jam ryt ther!!! he hit he hit he hit it first! dat aint got nufin 2 do wif miz thin thin

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