Ian Somerhalder and Garrett Hedlund: OUT of Fifty Shades of Grey Running

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It's still to be determined who will play Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but it's reportedly become clear who will not be cast:

Ian Somerhalder and Garrett Hedlund are both out of the running, according to insiders, along with Stephen Amell, narrowing the list of candidates.

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Hedlund, 28, was reportedly approached about playing the S&M-obsessed lead in the film version of E.L. James' erotic novel, but turned it down.

"Doing a possible trilogy was too big a commitment, and producers wouldn't let him do just one film," says the source of Kirsten Dunst's boyfriend.

Ian Somerhalder, 34, is out too - though he openly coveted the part.

The "phenomenal opportunity" he lobbied for won't be his for the taking. A source says "E.L. said at a Comic-Con party [that] the part won't go to Ian."

Both The Vampire Diaries star and Garrett Hedlund have been popular picks in the online fantasy casting game that's gone on for a year, but alas.

The only major casting decision for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, so far, has been the director. James confirmed that Sam Taylor-Johnson will helm the film.

As for the two leads, they're still TBA, and until we have official confirmation, everything is conjecture. So we toss the question over to you once again:

Who do you think would be the perfect Christian Grey?


I think Christian Grey should be tall. Anyone 5'11 and above would do. Unfortunately as smoldering as Ian Somerhalder looks, he just isn't tall enough. Maybe Chris Evan but I think he would make a good Ethan or Elliot actually. Also Ryan Gosling would fit. I can imagine him all brooding and serious. Matt Bomer too is a good choice also Charlie Hunman. Ana should be young and fresh looking. Petite. So maybe someone in their early 20s. And hopefully not Kristen Stewart. She would make Ana all dull and bland (my opinion anyways).


David Beckham would make the perfect Christian Grey


Would you all PLEASE just look at Wes Brown, who played Julian Bowers in ABC TV series "Deception"??? He is perfect for Christian's role! He played the rich, handsome and sexy exec on TV, has the eyes, jaw and hips of Christian...and the smirk! Seriously! Pull up his Facebook page or whatever pix u find online and you will see. He can act, can have a steely cold look but is also soft spoken; has a sly grin, a shy smile, and a laugh that fits the part. 50 Shades, baby!!! E.L., please look at him! Thank you.


Definitely Matt Bomer. No one else.


I think that Christian Bale should play the role of Christian Grey. He has the perfect face and body type that fits Mr. Grey's description. And I think that the girl who plays Anastasia should be as fresh and new as Christian sees her in the books. Just think Mr. Bale with deep grey eyes staring at you and always wanting to f*ck you. I'm down. :) lol


Gabriel Macht would be a great Christian Grey


Fine by me! Garrett looks nothing like I imagine Christian from the books description (though he does have a sexy voice!), and Ian was never right for this role! He's too old and doesn't physically fit. Seeing that Garrett is 28, I bet they're looking for more age appropriate actors. Henry Cavill only just turned 30...he would be PERFECT!


Robert Pattinson. ......


If this is true, which I find highly suspect, goodbye any interest I've had in this debacle. Ian Somerhalder is the only actor who checks all the really important boxes to me as being able to fully portray Christian Grey. No on else comes close.


Matt bomer is the perfect christian grey. He is so gorgeous and sexy and the most talented of all the actors. He looks the part and can play the role like no one else.

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