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As we can see in this The To Do List trailer, Aubrey Plaza has a plan for this summer. Will she find success on the big screen? Or will she and her numerous small screen friends end up wishing it was fall?

Let’s turn to the critics!

Check out these The To Do List reviews, compare them to the Fruitvale Station reviews and The Wolverine reviews and you’ll be one step closer to making a movie viewing decision!

It Poster

Don’t go to The To Do List expecting a comedy genre-buster along the lines of Bridesmaids. Rather it’s more of a one-joke repeater set in the hot Boise, Idaho, summer of 1993. — Linda Barnard, Toronto Star


Does Carey go too far? Duh. But why gripe when you can’t stop laughing? — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“The To Do List” is a romantic comedy with no romance and little comedy, but with an ugliness of spirit that’s surprising and unrelenting. — Mick La Salle, San Francisco Chronicle

“The To Do List” doesn’t reinvent the wheel; we all know the “summer that changed everything” trope. But it’s startling when you realize how rare it is to see a girl chasing sexual experience so doggedly – and with such a lighthearted tone. — Sara Stewart, New York Post

When I first wrote the headline for this review, I accidentally wrote, THE DO-DO LIST. I have never been so right. — Austin Kennedy, Film Geek Central

First time feature writer/director Maggie Carey has crafted a genuinely funny and refreshing female teen sex comedy. — Alicia Malone, IGN Movies