George Zimmerman: Pulled Over For Speeding, Still Packing Heat, Let Off With Warning

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George Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding on Sunday in the town of Forney, Texas, according to police, with a gun in his glove compartment.

He informed police that the weapon was there shortly after being pulled over.

Zimmerman, G.

The officer who pulled him over asked Zimmerman where he was going, to which he responded, "nowhere in particular," according to news reports.

CBS News says that, during the traffic stop, which occurred at 12:54 p.m., the 29-year-old also asked the officer if he recognized him from television.

He was given a warning after police determined he was free of outstanding warrants. He was sent on his way with a polite goodbye, "Have a safe trip."

Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder charges related to his killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin just over two weeks ago.

This is the second time he's been in the news since.

Three days after his acquittal, Zimmerman aided a family trapped under an overturned SUV on a Florida highway, pulling two kids and their parents to safety.

It's unclear why he was, or is, driving through Texas, but he has been in hiding ever since the not guilty verdict became a national story back on July 13.


I live in Texas n this whack a doo with a gun needs to move on!


This is not the last we'll hear of him. Aside from that fucking staged-story, we'll legitimately hear of him being in trouble with the law again. He's a bad apple who has repeatedly had scrapes with the law. Is a traffic violation a big deal? No. However, his obsession with firearms is. To know he had such problems with a firearm, he's comfortable carrying one around at this time? Really? IDGAF he was acquitted--he should feel like his privileges are AT LEAST temporarily removed. Why the hell does he need a firearm on him at all times?! Mark my words: he'll break the law in the future.

@ Kats

Truly Kats
This guy is obsessed with his gun & this will not be the last time he
is in the news.He obviously does not feel one iota of remorse .The arrogance of this nitwit is appalling. This is the kind of guy
that never learns from the past &
who will bring about his own demise.due to his own cockiness.


read my lips: A WARNING!!


This is Nancy Grace & I've got BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! Today- July 31st Noon central standard time GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was given a warning ...that's right a WARNING ticket by a Black Police officer just outside of Dallas! Zimmerman with a concealed firearm and a permit signed by Obama was doing 67 in a 65 MPH speed zone! Under the passenger seat was a concealed CD of Slim Whitmans and the Texas Tornados Band titled --MY GIRL DON'T WRESTLE BUT YOU OUTTA SEE HER BOX. Wait! WAIT - THIS JUST IN! Al Sharpton was reportedly riding Shot Gun with a bottle of Colt 45 between his legs and his pants down around his ankles! Sharpton was rushed to the ER with complaints that his ASS was throbbing! Only needing 3 stitches Sharpton was asked to take a Breathalyzer test. Alchol level was below the 4.0 ( Texas Law) but sources tell me his breath smelt like a mixture of possum shit and Horse Piss!


CBS reported that he asked the officer if he recognized him? How much more garbage can they make up about this guy? Will the slander ever stop? It was 12:54 when he was pulled over? Does anyone have an estimated time he took a dump that day? Is this guy supposed to feel guilty about something? Was he convicted of anything? This country has a guy running for mayor of NYC and he takes Polaroids of his dick using them for Christmas cards perhaps? Yet people are worried if the world is safe with Zimmerman on the loose! Haha! The only thing Zimmerman needs to learn about Texas is..... In Texas they don't call 911.

@ Stan

Are you kidding me?This guy may
not be showing his dick yet but
he is the real wiener.George is one of these losers who can't mind his own business &we've all seen how that ends.It's only a matter of time until he kills somebody that looks 'Suspicious'
again.He's too stupid to hide, cuz
the Zim's gotta keep cruisin,watching, Protecting.Moron & Psycho/Very Bad Combo.Yeah,that rescue was Staged, but the
Interaction with the cop, he Did make sure the cop knew Who he was.Curious,bungling,Egotistical George will soon himself end up .in an altercation with some Yahoo shoving a deadly weapon in his Face.How tragic is that.*

@ lori+snyderb

All that may be true BUT what I know for sure is true: This guys traits were not known when the media all but convicted him in the press on a self defense case. They showed nothing but pictures of Martin when he was 12 yrs old. Skittles skittles skittles, that is all I heard as if nothing but innocent kids ate skittles. Do you understand this is not about Zimmermans traits or stability this has everything to do with the lynch mob mentality that minorities and democrats had from the beginning. Editing 911 tapes, Obama chimes in and the justice department gets off their ass for ONE man! It's appalling. Zimmermans fan base is not in his corner because they think he is right the fans congregated because it's people like you who wanted to see him hang before he had his day in court. We are different than you and we will continue to be.


As long as he has a concealed carry license, it doesn't matter if he's packing. I have a license, and pack. If he had been convicted, then he would lose his license, but with no felony, he's free to carry.


That's how you are suppose to treat people that just saved their own life. Anyone with a gun in their hand in that same situation would have used it and we all know that is true. Zimmerman was found not guilty and people in Chicago are still being murdered. People can milk this all they like as real criminals walk the streets every day.