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Kat Dennings now knows how we feel when watching 2 Broke Girls:

Unhappy. Nauseous. In shock that anyone with a pulse could possibly be a fan.

The actress Tweeted her disgust this week over Justin Bieber shirtless photos, initially writing on the social network:

“Justin Bieber’s Instagram is making me uncomfortable.”

As expected, Dennings received some harsh feedback from Beliebers following this post, so she attempted a clarification soon afterward:


“I would like to clear up what I said about Justin Bieber’s Instagram,” Dennings told E! News. “Here’s the deal: I said that about his Instagram because there’s so many shirtless pictures, and I feel like he’s too young to be posting shirtless pictures! I mean good for you, you’ve got that side stuff and you’re real young.”

Note to Dennings: you’ve got some cleavage and you’re pretty young. Good for you, too!

What do you think, readers? Are you sick of Justin Bieber posing topless shots?