Facebook Relationship Status Update Gets Totally Out of Hand

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A guy who changed his relationship status on Facebook - from "Single" to "In a Relationship" - probably wasn't counting on this kind of feedback.

Either his friends are skeptical, have sophomoric senses of humor, or both, because the consensus seems to be that he's really just dating his hand.

Which has been given a number of celebrity names. Check out the pun-filled hilariousness below ... and marvel at just how many they came up with:

FB List 1
FB List 2
FB List 3
FB List 4

Poor Kyle has yet to reveal the name of his actual girlfriend, although from the looks of this crowd, he may want to keep her identity private for a bit.

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Looks to me like he needs to be more careful of who he Friends on FB and to make sure his settings are "Friends Only" cause with people like that as friends, who needs enemies.


That is why I do not say everything on Facebook.


Selena Gomasterbait,Handdah Montanah,


These are great!


Handy Moore
Agnes Moorehand
John Singlehand


THG did you run out of things to report on? The email you sent is full of nothing but the crap that is in those supermarket trash rags...you know the kind that report on aliens. smfh Go do your job and quit copying reports off of other sites/magazines.


What nice 'friends' he has. They must be young.


this is sooooooooooooo nice

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