The Bridge Premiere: Will You Cross It?

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FX is not messing around with The Bridge.

An intense new drama that premiered last night, the series stars Diane Kruger as a cop in El Paso and Demián Bichir as a detective in Juarez, Mexico.

And the officers of the law are as dichotomous as the cities from which they hail, with Kruger's Sonya Cross all business and no empathy... while Bichir's Marco Ruiz actually lets an ambulance drive through a crime scene because a man inside is suffering a heart attack.

What nerve!

The Bridge Stars

But the real heart of the series is how it juxtaposes life and crime on both sides of the border.

Thousands of murders take place every year in Juarez. There are drugs, women trafficking, crime bosses who dictate which cases will be investigated.

And when a body is found between the two nations and Cross is forced to work with Ruiz, these differences in culture and crime rate are exposed in dramatic, disturbing fashion.

Yes, The Bridge tackles some heavy issues - but through one episode, it has done so with interesting aplomb. And a pair of great performances.

Did you tune in for the premiere? Grade it now:

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