Angelina Jolie: Pregnant With Twins Again (Tabloid Claims)!

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have just experienced the mother of all “pregnancy shockers” and are - wait for it, and breathe - expecting TWINS! AGAIN**!

** - According to the new cover of OK!

Twins Again!

While fake weddings and pregnancies are standard celebrity gossip fare, this publication takes the cake as far as bogus Brangelina scoop goes.

Not that it's any surprise at this point.

Jolie, the magazine says if you actually read the article, wants to become pregnant again - with twins, hopefully, before her ability to have kids ends.

Considering Ange's recent medical procedures - she underwent a double mastectomy and may have her ovaries removed next - we sort of doubt it.

That and she and fiance Brad are devoted parents to six beautiful children already. Six! Unless you're Michelle Duggar, that's a lot to handle.

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Not when your in a totally happy love filled relationship having many children is a blessing. These two do not run for divorce court every time they feel the other may feel differ towards them. They know that to have a great love is to be worked at to go through ups and downs together to build that kind of love. Not be so pridefull as most of us are and the minute you stop feeling a certain way or you have a few days your mate is looking not so good to you off and running we go to divorce court . We are human and we will have bad days and good ones its going through them together that builds the relationship . That's why before you marry you need ask yourself could I spend the rest of my life with this person even if I hate him/ her next week for a month? Cuz rest assure it will happen. If you say yes and do it the rewards are so great that at your 50th anniversary it will seem as if its only your 5th. And to think that person loved you through it all..... God bless you guys!!!

@ Annie

Your awesome!!! So very well said!! My 16th is 3 days away and my sweet husband said yesterday he loves me more now than the day we married. I hope I am worthy of it! I sure feel the same. I truly hope u r blessed with more love than u know what to do with! God bless!


If you believe anything OK! says, I've got some swampland to sell you.

@ Gramma2KT

Lets guess you must sleep with them to know right!? Keep your swampland for yourself read my comment . Learn something.