Firefly Online Trailer Announcement: Yes, That Firefly!

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That's right, Firefly is back!

Well, sort of. With this Firefly Online announcement trailer we get a little glimpse of the new game being released next summer.

Players are ship captains that find a crew and then find a job. Easy as that. 

This is an MMO so you'll be playing against millions of other captains and their crews. Whether or not there will be different classes of captains, like characters in other MMO's, or even other characters beyond just the captain of the ship, remains to be seen.

The game is still under development with QMXi and Spark Plug Games but no price or firm release date has been announced.

Unfortunately it isn't all good news with Firefly Online

It will be available for Android and iOS only as opposed to PC and/or consoles.

While at first that seems like a huge letdown, it might be best to see what the finished game looks like before offering judgment. Who knows? Firefly Online might herald in a new generation of MMO's that play really well on a mobile platform. 

Then again, it could be awful and we'll be left with another void in our lives where something great could have been, but hey, let's try and stay positive for the time being.

In a somewhat topsy-turvy twist, a mobile gaming mainstay is coming to consoles. Check out this Angry Birds Star Wars teaser!

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