Amazing Puppy Recovers from Splayed Leg Syndrome, Learns to Walk and Play

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We need some inspirational dog stories right about now.

Over the weekend, a woman was found in a feces-filled hotel room with six canines.

Days prior to that incident, a St. Louis resident was arrested for burning her sister's pet in the backyard.

But meet Max. AMAZING Max, we should say. The Boston Terrier was taken in by The Mia Foundation at six weeks old after being diagnosed with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome, an affliction that results in a flat chest and sternum. 

Typically, dogs with such an ailment are euthanized because they cannot sit, stand or walk... but try telling that to Max! Watch this video to see how far he came in just two weeks of training:


13 WHAM's Angela Hong spoke with the owner of Mick, the flattened Boston Terrier puppy with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. Sue Rogers, a Hilton, NY resident and founder of the Mia Foundation, gave an interview to the ABC-affiliate in Rochester on Monday. For updated information please view:


just give him the down syndrom & boil it.


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