Bioshock Infinite DLC Trailers: Clash in the Clouds and Burial at Sea

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Fans of Bioshock infinite have been waiting for the first DLC to drop and today is that day! 

Check out the Clash in the Clouds DLC trailer below!

So four new maps, new bosses, new adventures... all for 400 Microsoft points or $4.99! If you opted in for the XBox Live update beta then you've already ditched Microsoft points and are ready to hand over your $4.99.

Clash in the Clouds is included in the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass as well so if you bought that, you are good to start downloading.

But that's not all the news from Bioshock Infinite today. You are going to want to click through the jump to see what else is in store.

Columbia is nice and all, but all Bioshock fans are itching to return to Rapture. This second Bioshock Infinite DLC trailer, shows exactly that.

Check out Burial at Sea now!

Where's that Phillip J. Fry meme when you need it? 

Returning to Rapture not as a map but as an entire storyline? Take My Money!!

This trailer is for the first part of two of the new narrative. The first will be available "soon" for $15 or 1200 Microsoft points. If you needed a reason to go ahead and purchase the $19.99 Season Pass, this would be it.

The Season Pass includes today's Clash in the Clouds download, both parts of Burial at Sea (which are $15 a piece when purchased on their own), and an Early Bird Special Pack which includes extra weapon skins and infusion bottles. Not a bad deal.

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