Miley Cyrus to Haters: I Win!

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Miley Cyrus made history last week when her We Can't Stop video was viewed 10.7 million times in VEVO, beating the previous, Justin Bieber-held mark by 100,000 hits.


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    LOL HAAAAAAAAAAAATER! You hate Miley Cyrus as much as I hate her! She is stupid...right!


    Now she's wearing Pampers. What do you really want Hannah Montana?


    Miley your new hair cut looks like Dog's poop
    Or even donkey's poop!


    Ya Miley what's up how ya doing girl u suck what the hick is that new dress u bought it looks like somebody threw up on it. Ewwwww...! It looks soooooo bad. It really match your face.


    Miley Cyrus hates poor people and never helps them. She is the highest idiot in the world. They should give Her a golden necklace that have a toilet on it and saying "Miley is the biggest idiot ever ". Her father has the most yellow teeth EVER! Her dad should be called the poop lover.


    Oh sorry I didn't write many stupid stuff abou Miley Cyrus fo a while I had a really bad Internet. But here I am again. OMG did u hear the news photos of Miley Cyrus eating chocolate. You must watch it!


    Tell him that and tell him his voice is not so great as he thinks his voice sounds like a donkey's voice also your voice is so so bad as bad as your father but the different thing is that your father sound like a donkey and u sound like a cow


    Oh wait your fathers already ugly and stupid


    Miley is acting so great and awesome but the truth is that she is so stupid. Her clothes are so so bad and I really want to throw up on her clothes but it looks like some one alrady did. Her manners are so bad. She is so not a polite girl. I don't know how old she is but I am guessing 75, the reason I think that is because she smokes a lot and her skin is so rough. I hate her show Hannah Montana it is so stupid like her. I will never hate any singer like I hate her and I really wish she reads that so she knows the truth about miss stupid her and by the way she is so so so fat. Miley you really must change your style specially your clothes. STUPID MILEY. I really don't know how your father like you.


    What can't she get ? she suck ! if talent today means the money in the bank and the number of viewers on youtube, than I truly feel embarassed and sorry for her , because some douche bag lighting up their ass with fireworks would certainly get as much viewers as her video did . grow up , miley ( and fire your stylist)

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