Miley Cyrus to Haters: I Win!

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Miley Cyrus made history last week when her We Can't Stop video was viewed 10.7 million times in VEVO, beating the previous, Justin Bieber-held mark by 100,000 hits.

And in an interview today on Good Morning America, the singer thanked both her fans for helping her achieve that feat... and her critics.

Miley Cyrus on GMA

"I've got a really bomb fan base, the Smilers," Cyrus said, adding of her non-fans:

"Haters are going to hate, but haters are also going to click on your YouTube video to watch it, so I don't really care. You helped me break the record. And if you were watching just to hate on me, now I hold the record, so I win."

You tell em, Miles!

This isn't the first time Cyrus has addressed such a negative group. At least I can Twerk, she once joked to those dissing her music and acting skills.

As for the rumor that her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is off? Cyrus gave GMA a simple response:

"I'm wearing a ring, so..."


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