Justin Bieber: Shirtless, Probably Baked in Inaugural Instagram Video

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So, yeah, Instagram is offering video now. Awesome!

Justin Bieber is shirtless in his first effort. Awesome?

Looking and sounding baked out of his mind, the Biebs took to the social media platform today to post literally the first video ever from his account.

The 19-year-old star captioned the unforgettable clip "Hahaha."

"So crazy news, guys, there's video on Instagram!" a shirtless Justin Bieber says, appearing to lose focus before the clip ends with absolutely no fanfare.

Given how stoned he appears, that's likely all he could muster.

With Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran hitting it, a guy has to self-medicate somehow ... but seriously, JB. May want to lay off the weed a bit, bud.

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Love u so much Justin bieber you are hot hot lovey LOVEY lovey LOVEY"OMG😘😍❤


Justin should quit smoking weed pot & become Straight Edge Pop & date Straight Edge Girls.

@ Martel Jawuan Owens

No, he should start using heroin and start fucking crack whores - hopefully he will catch an STD if we are lucky

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