Farrah Abraham: Charlie Sheen Goddess in Training?

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Farrah Abraham has certainly, um, expanded her audience in recent months.

The Teen Mom-turned-porn star says she's been contacted by some major Hollywood A-listers since her adult film debut, including one non-surprising fan:

Charlie Sheen.

Farrah Abraham Underwear Photo
A Smirking Sheen

“I think if I gave you some clues you would guess it," she says of her #1 fan.

"He has been married, he lives in LA, and he basically was like the main character of a show, then he left and they replaced him with Ashton Kutcher.”

“You can guess more but that’s a possible winner. And some other ones.”

A possible winner? #WINNING is the man's catchphrase, people!

She claims she isn't exactly flattered by the attention, however.

The Anger Management actor “has too many personal issues, and I’m ready for something serious. Maybe I’m taking life too seriously right now!”

Yes ... that's definitely Farrah Abraham's problem.


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He is too good for that sad excuse of a human.

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