Demi Moore to Release Ashton Kutcher Penis Pics?

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The last time we wrote about Demi Moore, we said she was hurt by Ashton Kutcher and was seeking revenge against her ex-husband.

And now Star magazine has revealed just what the actress has up her sleeve:

Photos of what Kutcher has up in his pants!

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on Piers Morgan Tonight

According to the tabloid, Moore recently told a friend that Kutcher was “not the most well-equipped lover she’s ever had" and she's in possession of pictures on her cell phone that back up this claim.

Why would Demi possibly release these images now? Two years after Kutcher was caught having an affair? Because she isn't over it, this totally real insider says:

“Demi is still hurting that Ashton cheated and then rebounded so soon after their split.”

And it can't help that he rebounded with someone who looks like Mila Kunis.

Then again, could Ashton really land such a hottie with such a small unit? So many questions. So many answers we'll likely never receive.


This "half-century" old woman needs to seriously grow up, and stop acting like the über-hot, EARLY twenty-something she so DESPERATELY wants the public to perceive her as. It is Hollywood fact that she's a megabitch, and is as ruthless as the day is long. her hilarious (yet undoubtedly mortifying to her family) antics just SCREAM that she needs attention, 24/7, lest she shrivel up and die (in obscurity, one hopes.) Childish behavior is one thing: childish behavior from a 50 year old, TWO YEARS AFTER THE FACT, is quite another. But Demi being who she IS, I expect to see these photos, soon. SMH.


Hum! I won't believe it How do we know if is the original?maybe a tattoo with he's name on it .Well anyway it not the sizes what's matter right !


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Well i just think its a pity that demi did NOT release the pictures. So what if she aint over the fact that he cheated on her, i mean, who would be??? If he was really not that happy in the relationship why not just spare her the heart ache and leave without causing unecesarry pain. I say good fah you demi, show the world what a little dick ashton really is...


one inch..........TWO INCHES?

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