Demi Moore: Really Hurt by Ashton Kutcher, Seeking Revenge

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Demi Moore didn't merely file her own set of divorce papers this week, a little more than two months after Ashton Kutcher did the same.

The actress insisted on spousal support from her estranged husband, an unusual request that is unlikely to be granted because Moore is far wealthier than Kutcher.

Demi Moore on the Street

But insiders tell TMZ that Moore doesn't expect the support to be included in any settlement; she's simply "really hurt" by Ashton, believes he was a "bad husband" and is seeking whatever retribution she can find.

Kutcher did not ask for spousal support in his documents and sources say neither side is likely to receive any.

But despite a bit of acrimony clearly existing, lawyers are in the middle of a negotiation and this case isn't expect to go the route of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

It will be sorted out in the near future.


I wish Demi all the luck in the world. I hope she finds Mr. Right and lives in wedded bliss forever more. Ashton was too young and Demi should of known better but it is what it is and its over now and If love is what she wants then good luck and God Bless.


It don't know which one I dislike more, Demi for thinking she could keep the interest of an obviously self absorbed nitwit, or Ashton for actually thinking he should be callings Demi's kids his "daughters". Between the two of them, neither possess humility or a brain.


AK had cheated on DM and really hurt by AK. DEMI MOORE DESERVES TO GET IT. YOU CHEAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT..... Same as what her ex husband BW cheated on her too......


Is Demi really "far wealthier" than Ashton? That may have been true when they got married, but he's made a BOATLOAD on Two and a Half Men!

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