Chris Brown Accused of Assault on Woman at Nightclub; Police Report Filed

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Chris Brown is accused of assaulting a woman inside a club this weekend, and the alleged victim says she was hurt so badly she needs surgery as a result.

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Deanna Gines says she was in the VIP section with Chris Brown at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, Calif., a venue where the R&B star had just performed.

When Heat was about to close, she claims Chris shoved her to the ground.

The shove was deliberate, too, she insists, and she fell hard on her knees.

Deanna, shown above in a photo obtained by TMZ, claims she went to the hospital and found out she suffered torn ligaments in her right knee.

Gines is going to see another doctor later this week has "already been told" she may soon have to have surgery in order to repair the damage.

So much for his whole positive Unity Campaign, whatever that was.

It's unclear why the two (allegedly) got into it, but Deanna says she filed a report, and police say a female did make a claim of assault at the club.

An investigation is ongoing; Brown has not commented on the allegation. Chris, of course, is on probation for beating up Rihanna in 2009.

He also stands accused of falsifying community service reports, and has gotten into altercations with Frank Ocean and Drake in the past year.

Brown is innocent until proven guilty - he has not even been charged, let alone convicted - but he seems to be a magnet for trouble, doesn't he?


Hope that fag goes to jail for a long time


Chris Brown Chris Brown that's all people talk about. Always bashing this dude...Kraaaazi!! This man is pass the sandbox level where kids just walk up to u and push u down cuz they wanna play qith the toy u playing with!
So lets turn this thing around..lets ask...what did she do to get pushed down? Was he running from a mob of people and she got in the way. Did he turn around and she was right there. Was he dancing? I mean what??

@ cinnamon

If he did push her, he deserves to be criticized, and sued!!! I don't know what happened here and am willing to wait until the police report or court records come out regarding it, but Chris does have a record of abusing women, so I'm not going to let him off the hook in my mind so quickly either. When I was raised, a man who raised his hand against a woman FOR ANY REASON was called a
Sissy - for a good long time. That he clearly DID beat Rihanna makes him a Sissy. Only sissy men hit women.


Ain't nothing wrong with Chris and ..No, I don't think he is a magnet for trouble...I think the media is the magnet that reels him I. Y r you saying he got inti it with Drake and Frank Ocean. He was backing out of a parking space at a studio and Frank Ocean and his posse blocked him in and started talking shit and as far as Drake, he sent a bottle to hia tabke as a peace offering and Drake responded violently (AT least that's what social media reported). Stop making Breezy the "bad guy He has been the victim too.
Bet nobody asked this broad what was she doing ti get pushed down. Its three sides to every story. I know Chris didn't just walk up to her and push her down hard!!! C'mon media...what's his story, what's the clubs story? Don't just make it her story so u can bash Breezy, 1 more time.


it says right leg but the thing is on the left.....::::????


It would be in character for the charming Mr Brown to be violent, as well as violent towards a woman. I suspect he did it, all that remains to be seen is how long it takes him to pay out the 'hush' money


Considering the short fuse this guy has its difficult to see him as the peace loving guy he proffers to be.

Gaia flower

Oh Boy!! If this true he should seriously pay out of his ass because they are digging so deep into his pockets this time!!

Christy m coleman

Whats new! Chris brown has no respect for women never has never will. I hope she takes him for everything she can get.

@ Christy M. Coleman



wouldnt be the first time.


Being a celebrity costs a big price. There are some desperate loonies out here in the world.

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