Bikini Ban Enacted for Miss World Pageant

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Imagine Kim Kardashian without her Facebook account. Justin Bieber without his tattoos. Kate Upton without a bathing suit on...

... sorry, we got distracted for a moment there.

Pageant Participants

But organizers of the Miss World beauty pageant in Bali this September have made a shocking announcement: the 137 women competing will NOT be strutting any of their stuff across the stage in a two-piece.

Miss World Organization chairwoman Julia Morley told Australia's Herald Sun that producers didn't want to offend the many Muslims that reside in Indonesia.

"I don't want to upset or get anyone in a situation where we are being disrespectful," Morley said. "We treasure respect for all the countries that take part in the pageant."

There's a safety issue at work here as well.

Lady Gaga canceled a concert in Jakarta last year after religious protestors referred to her as a "messenger of the devil."

Look for the pageant contestants to don sarongs and other more conservative attire for the beach fashion part of the event.


I respect the decision. It was also made of a very solid ground - safety. Unfortunately though, it is somewhat contrary to the fact that Balinese people have embraced such sensuality from the early days. Even up to now, topless women still can be seen in rural areas. They are not considered pornographic...nor provocative... instead symbols of beauty and freedom of managing own's body. Artistic products that shows parts of the bodies can also be found in temples and have become very lucrative commodity... Banning the bikini on the stage, for me, has betrayed the fact that women are considered of owning high value and place here in Balinese society.

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back to basic?


This is ridic. If they have a problem with it then dont compete. Why change something to conform to people that are still oppressive towards women?