Teen Mom Banned From High School Yearbook Over Kid in Photo

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A teen mom in North Carolina found herself banned from her high school yearbook this spring after posing with her one-year-old child in her senior photo.

Caitlin Tiller, 17, is fighting the school over its decision, claiming the yearbook committee even asked students to “pose with a prop.” She chose her son.

Teen Mom Banned

Tiller works part-time, yet managed to finish high school earlier than many peers and will soon attend college. She said she is proud to be a teen mom.

Unlike MTV Teen Mom mainstays Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham, she credits her son for her resolve and determination and lives to do right by him.

“He helped me get to where I am today. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him,” Tiller says, saying that makes the yearbook ban more painful.

Randolph County School officials gave Caitlin Tiller the option of sending in a different picture for the yearbook, but she is not budging on her decision.

They claim that adding the photo promotes teen pregnancy, but Caitlin's mother supports her, adding that she could have dropped out but did not.

Her perseverance, the family says, should be honored.

Caitlin said: “They should be proud that the students are willing to stay in school and graduate and make something of their self and not try and hide it.”

Whose side are you on in this dispute?


You Go Girl I Had My Son At 17 And Still Graduated . Keep Your Head Up And Stay Strong Remember Kids Are Not Mistakes They're Angels From Above Guiding And Helping Us Live Life The Right Way . xoxoxo


Alan Cole she does not fail as a mother I have many friends who have kids early my goddaughter's mother is finishing high school right now I find it offensive that you would say something like that she is not looking for sympathy she simply is proud of her child and wants the world to know that fact that that you talk so much smack without knowing the truth is pathetic. It might be unacceptable but there are ladies much younger than her in the same situation and they give up on life they don't do anything. So for lack of better words, keep your ridiculous, assuming, insulting comments to yourself. If you don't know what the life is like then just don't speak. She is a mother making a better life for her child, she has a job yet she finished high school BEFORE her classmates. I'm proud of her, good job honey.


Tjis girl obviously fails as a mother seeing her child as medium for projection through sympathy. Her age is unacceptable for being a mother and this incident requires hard laws on alcohol and other distracting liquids and drugs. Mother at 17 is one word, there are more available. The services shod pay a visit and evaluate if she should keep the infant. I serously doubt it. She see the child as a doll go show off to her fellow students. Poor child.

@ Alan Cole

You need to fuck off. okay what she's doing is nothing bad and she's not projecting her child to get sympathy. she's proud that she got through school because of her child. you say thier are more words available to call her ? i would like to hear what you have to say. so then you can shove them right back in you ________!!!!! and why should she get her child taken away ? you seriously need to get real, i bet she's a wounderful mother who wants to get ahead for her child,


whoa too much judgement


F**k the school! Awesome job young lady! Congrats to u and a beautiful healthy baby.... I was in the same boat as u when I was a senior in hs! But good luck on ur fight! Hope they add ur picture!


Good for her, she should be able to have that picture in the yearbook. Some yearbooks have people with their cars or people not even in high school anymore. When I was in high school, every conversation (or at least most of them) were about sex and who slept with who. She is a perfect role model to show people that life happens and you should continue on and pursue your goals.


I'm sorry but it's supposed to be a picture for a high school yearbook...not a picture for a family portrait. Bottom Line here: Caitlin Tiller should have left her baby in the care of a relative while she was having her yearbook picture taken. Case closed.


Caitlin, you should be extremely proud of yourself regardless if the school allows your photo in the yearbook or not. You are one of the few teen moms who actually make something themselves. So many rely on the government and taxpayers to pay for everything for their children and are perfectly content to do so. So ignore these idiots who are making bad comments. They are ignorant and do not know you and your situation. The school should be proud that you are actually graduating from high school and will go on to college. You are one of the few and they should support you. They should not be judgemental towards you because you made a mistake. Mistakes happen. It's called life. Instead of wallowing in that mistake, you took it in stride and are continuing to try to better your life and, in turn, that of your childs. Keep it up! You can do it! Ignore the school and all of these judgemental a$$holes!

@ Megan

so true

Barbara goff

She should not be allowed to pose with her infant. The yearbook is about school about being a kid about friends and about learning and getting an education. #1 she should have said no to sex, #2 where are her parents #3 picture of a student with a baby is not the message I want to send out to kids that it's ok to get knocked up when your a kid yourself. This is so disgusting, no morals and she definately is NOT a role model.

@ Barbara Goff

Really?! She's an excellent role model in my opinion as she may have made a mistake but used that mistake to learn and motivate her toward being a good mother and good student. The people on here saying she shouldn't have had sex are seriously delusional about the number of high schoolers having sex and just want to shun a young lady for making the same decision thousands of other HS males and students do. I'm not saying it wasn't initially a mistake but she turned it into something far more positive than most people do with far less adversity. Enough with the morality BS- my bet is you have a giant log in your own eye friend.


We get it, she is proud that some idiot actually slept with her (look everyone she has proof!). Unfortunately, in history there have been literally millions of teenage mothers and zero of them are photographed with their child in a year book. Stop making the school yearbook about yourself and let it be about the school and all of the memories.

@ Hellion

Wow, such ignorant hatefulness. The thing is that the portrait was supposed to be personal. So bein photographed with one's car is that much better? I sincerely hope you are young enough still to grow out of that juvenile behavior.

@ Ann2323

So not true, I had high school moms pose with their babies in my yearbook. I think it's great. They still graduated and have every right to be proud of their accomplishments. It is a memory for them, one that is unforgetable.

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