Nina Dobrev Does Beach Yoga, Sort of Taunts Ian Somerhalder

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Note to Ian Somerhalder: You really might wanna rethink this one.

A couple weeks after that actor split from Nina Dobrev - because he cheated? Because he wanted to get married? - the actress has posted a new photo to her WhoSay account.

And whether she meant it as a taunt or not... it should give ALL men out there a lot to contemplate.

Nina Dobrev Yoga Pose

"Yoga-ing with my b******," Dobrev captioned the image, adding a reference to Julianne Hough and their beach trip earlier this month: "throwback to @JulianneHough ... Wish you were here."

Fortunately, while Ian and Nina may be over, all romantic hope is not lost for Vampire Diaries fans:

Candice Accola is engaged! Send her and fiance Joe King your best wishes now.


Dayum ppl you're all hating just because you're jealous. She looks good. You're all just mad ian isn't with you. Jealous much? Leave her alone n let her live. whatever the reason for their breakup is between ian and nina, not nina ian and all of you. If it didn't work out then its not meant to be, if they're for eachother they'll get back together. But still none of you're business. Love you nina!! Keep on doing your thing girl. Obviously if people are hating it just means you're on the right track :) you're really inspiring, and thanks to you I've started yoga and I feel amazing for the first time since having my baby. Keep doing you're thing honey!


shes not even that sexy as she thinks or pretty plus she's a complete bitch so ive seen and heard from several of tvd fans my friend was an extra and she said nobody could look at nina pathetic actress she is a d-list celerity that couldn't commit cuz she wanted to further her career oh please honey youll only get rich from being known as Elena not your crappy boring emotionless acting skills jus like the horse from twilight wat is up with fans dont you know wat greatness is? As for ian if he cheated oh well unmarried no kids wat are you going to expect from a guy whos 34 with no ties. If he didnt cheat then poor guy one day he will get his dream girl we all recover from a broken heart. Or if they just grew apart then so be it if the commitment issues were true im sure ian wouldn't keep nina from doing her thing and im sure he never did when they were together this is coming from someone who was in a 4 yr relationship and the guy was older he kept me from doing anything so nina really shoulda been grateful if that was the case of their break up


Why would it taunt Ian? I'm sure he's seen her wearing even less.


well, for someone who broke up with their boyfriend of 3 years, she sure as hell looks chipper and perky while ian is looking dejected sitting alone in a coffee shop.
are you sure ian is the one who threw away the relationship?


Candice is the sweetest girl,Ian is unlucky that he didn't fall for her ...because even though Joe is 7years older she's not talking about how old he is and she is ready to marry him,,even she has a career ahead of her....Ian is really unlucky because after giving nina so much special attention and adoration and respect this is all he a moment she is over him&to embarass him all these pictures showing the world how cool and smart and hot she is...LOL..Ian sure pics wrong women..And God knows he deserves some more respect..After all being on Ian's arms she got some nice pictures which made her more talked about...She maybe educated ,smart,beautiful and talented and practical,but she sure knows how to hurt someone and break a man's heart in all possible ways..if they broke up,she could have treated him with a little respect...after all they did live like husband and wife for three years...Nina was anyway always ashamed acknowledge to this relationship and always making excuses why it happened..Poor dear Ian..I hope he gets over this pretty soon,coz he's affected emotionally by this..But he's going about as usual being the simple down to earth guy that he is...


if anything, nina would be the one cheating. She basically chose money over love in splitting with him cuz he was talking marriage.
SHE'S A FAKE, SELFISH, SELF CENTERED B**** -__- what a famewhore!
Ian is wayyyyyyyy too good for her, she doesn't deserve him.


There are plenty of beautiful intelligent women who would love to date Ian. Ian won't be alone for long,believe me.


he is a criminal & Paedophile!!

@ abe

It is Ok Nina..Marriages are made in heaven..LOL..the other excuse u are trying to make Ian understand this is why u didn't marry him?because marriages are made in heaven?It is Ok little Nina..just enjoy life,act,become famous..If u find the man you'll marry him today also...Just don't make excuses,it is Okay,Ian will somehow move on and heal his heart,after all he does know that there's more to the world and life than being famous and rich,,,


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