Ian Somerhalder: Too Serious For Nina Dobrev?

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According to a new report, the question was never popped, but the answer was unofficially given.

With fans still trying to determine what happened between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev - did the actor cheat? What did his Tweet about people changing mean? - an insider tells In Touch Weekly that Dobrev is simply "too young" for Somerhalder.

Ian Somerhalder, Zach Roerig and Nina Dobrev

“Ian was starting to talk marriage while Nina’s just getting started on her career,” the source tells the tabloid. “Nina still loves him but isn’t ready to make that huge commitment."

Those close to the stars insist they remain close and that their split will not affect filming on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

Ian and Nina did appear side-by-side at The CW Upfront in New York City this month, smiling and waving to the crowd. We bet these two end up back together.


Does anyone want them to get back together me and my friends do


I really hope they get back together and I bet they will .nina and ian get on so well and look so well suited !!!!!!!!:):):):):):)




The thing is that Ian has told numerous times that he does not want to get married right night. He has said that when he does he wants to be able to focus on his family and children and for the time being he has his foundation and his career. When these are in a good and solid place then he will want to have a family. So do your job and get thing straight before writing the same old story that Ian wanted to get married. If they have broken up: 1. who cared, 2. it's their job 3. they would have a reason and it's not for us to know 4. stop loooking for reasons such as cheating and marriage proposals..There are other thing to break up also.


Umm she seems to live her life around quotes??
Here's one from Ted "no matter how big of a splash you make in the world. Eventually nobody gives a sh...


It's a sad face :( not a happy face. Sorry. Ian's a great guy, nina's damn lucky to have him! Why did let him go?!

@ Emily

Same I agree sad face :( do u think they will get back together???


Aww. Poor ian :) i hope he finds happiness even it's not with nina


They should get back together 💔💔💔😘😘😘


Ian deserves better. Nina used him for her career and dumped him.
Ian is all about charity work and bettering the world. All Nina cares about is her outfits. I hope Ian moves on and shows her what she gave up.
What career? That girl needs a damn cheeseburger already, way too skinny.

@ Hannah

I really agree they look so cute together!!


i really wanted nina and ian to stay together

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