Lindsay Lohan: Cut Off From Adderall! Plotting Escape From Rehab!

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Lindsay Lohan's Adderall nightmare appears to be very real.

The Betty Ford Center have cut off her precious supply, after evaluating her this week and determining that she does NOT need her ADHD pills.

Now she's allegedly planning to bolt from the place ASAP.

What a Waste

The rehab facility almost never gives people over age 15 the powerful drug, due to its addictive qualities and the fact that harmful meds can treat ADHD.

Many celebrity types misuse Adderall as a weight-loss drug.

If we were talking about a normal person who realized she had issues and took rehab seriously, she'd probably suck it up and deal. But this is Lindsay Lohan.

She wants out because they are hard-nosed about Adderall.

LiLo reportedly wants to switch facilities (again), but it's hard to see Judge Jim Dabney and prosecutors ignoring Betty Ford doctors by letting her.

The star's Adderall use / controversy is nothing new, sadly.

It was a non-negotiable upon entering rehab. She refused to check into any facility for her COURT-ORDERED 90-day stint unless they allowed it.

And they had to allow her to smoke cigarettes, too.

Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? It's not about the pills or the cigs, but the fact that she's clearly just going through the motions.

Makes you wonder what the point of any of this is.

Lindsay Lohan: Can she get/stay clean?


If it was a normal person, we would already have served a year+ in Jail.
3 dui's, how many contempt's of court? driving with suspended license. ( after 2 dui's who's license is not suspended? ) Admitted drug addictions? yes ,even people can be addicted to prescription drugs .
And she should serve with the general prison population. They will accept her cupcakes there. ( and muffins)


She's an addict being tossed about by spinless, inconsistent judges. Merely in training to join the 27 club when that point in her life rolls around.


Well the spineless judge should tell here she only has 2 options.1)stay at Betty Ford and live without the drugs or 2)leave the clinic and go to jail where she will still not have the drugs.To keep giving into this little baby is the worst thing the legal system can do.Why is she so above the law? Whats going to happen if due to here drinking and drugging she eventually kills someone in an accident??Is the judge going to put her in rehab for that too?
This has become a total mockery of the U.S. legal system and needs to be stopped!! Robert Downy Jr appears to have learned his lesson and is doing great now.He went to jail for doing much less.She should be put in jail with Bertha butt for a few months and let her learn the error of her ways. I'm sure that Bertha would like it and show Lindsay a few new tricks or so!!!


oh well. make her stay there, although she needs to be IN PRISON! she needs to learn a lesson FINALLY, she is no better than the next person!!


Just let her be. If she wants to do drugs let her.


I wasn't aware that offenders could pick and choose their sentence facilities. How can she leave without being jailed? If she skips out on this offense, the court system is definitely treating her differently than others.

@ anne

If it was a normal person, we would already have served a year+ in Jail.
3 dui's, how many contempt's of court? Admitted drug addictions? yes ,even people can be addicted to prescription drugs .


If she's really going to rehabilitate, she needs to dispense with all addictive and mind altering substances. Adderall is essentially just Speed, same family as Meth and what ever it is supposedly treating (weight loss, ADHD) there are alternative therapies that she must use. Additionally, she needs to realize that she is NOT a competent manager of her own life! She needs to develop a trust and faith in things like the Betty Ford people. She needs to realize that her best judgement, her best thinking, her best decisions are landing her in the courts, the jails, and the mental institutions.


She needs it. It's so messed up to just take away someone's medication like that, especially when they have been on it for so long. She doesn't even need to be in rehab, seriously her DWI's were back in 2007. Everything after that was just her being attacked.. trust me. Other celebrities know this too, It's sick and I feel really bad for her.

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just give her booz & lsd.


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