Lindsay Lohan: No Adderall, No Rehab For Me!

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Lindsay Lohan is steadfast in her demand that Adderall be allowed in rehab. If the Seafield Center in the Hamptons tries to take away her meds ... she's out. 

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The actress' dubious insistence on being permitted to bring in the meds, as reported by TMZ, may run counter to the facility's goals - and their rules.

Although they allow patients to take some drugs prescribed by a doctor, Seafield is highly suspicious of Adderall because it is so notoriously abused.

Lots of people say they take it for ADHD when they really just use it recreationally; Seafield prefers to treat ADHD with alternate, less addictive meds.

The extent to which she suffers from ADHD is unclear, but in any case, Lohan, a hardcore Adderall user for years, refuses to take an Adderall substitute.

She says Adderall is the only medication that "works" for her.

The long and short of it: Lindsay Lohan has said many times she's not going to stay anywhere that bans Adderall, so if that's Seafield, then peace out.

Which, subsequently, could put her already-tenuous plea deal in serious jeopardy as it would most likely trigger a probation violation. So it goes.

In the meantime, she's at Coachella ... probably on Adderall.

Can Lindsay get and stay clean in rehab May 2?


Wow...seriously...21% of 15,000+ people think she's learned a lesson of some sort that would keep her clean??? Now that is shocking to me...I wonder if they let her take her adderall in jail...


she was considdered as a clever adolescent?
...........WHEN, folks?


That not all she's on. When this stupid ass spray painted orange cracken is not gonna make it even to rehab. Just a another disillusional druggie who thinks she's someone special


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