Kristen Stewart Named Best Dressed Woman of 2013

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It's a repeat for Kristen Stewart.

For the second consecutive year, the Twilight Saga star has been named the Best Dressed Woman in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart on the Street

And Stewart knocked off some impressive competition in order to earn the honor from Glamour UK, defeating Emma Watson (#2) and Kate Middleton (#3) among other fashionable female celebrities.

The magazine cites Kristen's "personal rock-chick style" as the basis for her top ranking, not that Robert Pattinson would know anything about that:

He always sees Stewart with her clothes off!

Here is a look at the publication's Top 10:

  1. Kristen Stewart
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Kate Middleton
  4. Emma Stone
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. Victoria Beckham
  7. Cheryl Cole
  8. Blake Lively
  9. Katy Perry
  10. Beyonce
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I think that she is also the least interesting woman and celebrity too.


hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha: YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL CHEATER?

@ abe

she lookes like a 12 year old striper don't you think


She always dresses so nice, I love her!!!!!!!


Eew? that plain jane! No way, jose! She looks nice when dressed up but I find her average looking without the makeup.


...She seems to always be kinda slutty and half dressed? I wish I understood her popularity, I loved the books and liked the movies, but really?


She has the worst taste in clothing..........


I was going to comment how I disagree and even though I like her casual, rocker-ish look, plus how she's a terrible actress and I just hate her so much for many reasons, but after reading the author's comment "The magazine cites Kristen's "personal rock-chick style" as the basis for her top ranking, not that Robert Pattinson would know anything about that: He always sees Stewart with her clothes off!", I think I'm going to say that saying such a thing at the end of an article, regardless of who it's about, what the topic is, etc. is very unprofessional and not necessary to include. No one needs to know such a thing, regardless of how much truth there is to it!

@ Lindsay

I totally agree with you about the final comment the reporter made about Pattinson always seeing her with her clothes off. It makes the reporter look unintelligent. Ir was unecessary. Wish Hollywood Reporter could hire some smart & witty reporters. Would make the Hollywood Reporter look more credible & interesting.

@ Gunnergal

It would be, wouldn't it? It seems like almost all of the "authors" and "reporters" these days, regardless of what they write or what they write about, have no formal education. I thought you earned a journalism degree to write good, educated articles. Not stuff like at the end of this "article".


Really Hell No She Dresses Shitty and Looks Drugged and Sloppy 100% of the Time 70% of these People Outfits Especially Granny Taylor Swift doesnt Stand Out They Are Normal Lookind Def Not The Best!


Soooo Nice !!


I don't get it. She dresses horribly 90% of the time and she is a horrible actress. How is it that such high status can be achieved exclusively on the world's fascination with vampires. She totally sucks, all around.