Westboro Baptist Church to Protest NBA Playoff Games, Claims #GodH8sTheNBA

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The Westboro Baptist Church, in response to Jason Collins coming out as gay this week, says it plans to protest a couple of NBA Playoff games.

Because, apparently, God hates the NBA.

Or #GodH8sTheNBA in Twitter parlance.

Durant Photo

The WBC concludes this, of course, because they really do not like homosexuality, and Collins just became the first openly gay player in major U.S. team sports.

Therefore, they will picket Wednesday’s Game 5 between Oklahoma City and Houston, and tomorrow night’s Game 6 between Chicago and Brooklyn.

Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant, for his part, said of Collins' announcement: "If he's happy, that's cool with me. Seems like a great guy ... I support him."

The Big Man Upstairs, according to the Westboro Baptist Church, takes a very different view and will make His presence known this evening at the game.

Perhaps He, not Patrick Beverley, is responsible for Russell Westbrook's injury.

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We just need to make sure Anonymous gets wind of it.

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