Kristen Stewart Named Best Dressed Celebrity

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She may not love to make public appearances, but Kristen Stewart looks darn good when she does venture out to the red carpet.

Nay, she looks better than any star alive, at least according to the editors of Glamour UK. They have named the Twilight Saga actress the Best Dressed Celebrity in the world.

Kristen Stewart Elle UK Cover

As for the worst? Don't worry, the magazine has handed out that dishonor as well... to Katie Price for the third year in a row.

Below, we list the publication's top five Best and Worst Dressed celebs. Do you agree with its assessments?

1. Kristen Stewart
2. Emma Watson
3. Victoria Beckham
4. Duchess of Cambridge
5. Florence Welch

1. Katie Price
2. Lady Gaga
3. Taylor Momsen
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Nikki Reed

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she is soooooo not the best!!


Kristen Stewart may not always appear in public but evrytime she does, she's making a great history. She's amazing!


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I think that it should be duchess of canbridge first,second kirsten stewart,third victoria bexckham,fourth emma watson and fifth florence welch and for the worst list is correct


i don't agree wth victoria beckham! i don't think she's a healthy role model for girls. she looks so unhealthy. she isn't naturally skinny, you know. she starves herself to look like the way she does. i loved her in spice girls, and her choices are her own, but she shouldn't be on this list.


I think the win was determined by who showed the most improvement in style. And Kristen's style is mostly casual, so Glamour is acknowledging that she inspires alot of women that way. That she is a non conformist, and its ok to be comfortable in your own skin - which I think is a great style statement.


How in hell did Kristen Stewart get put above Emma Watson and the Duchess of Cambridge? I've yet to see an ugly outfit on those two, while I've yet to see anything memorable or lovely on Stewart. Good lord.


I do NOT NOT NOT understand the hype about KStew. I really, really don't. I don't think she is attractive at all. She looks like regular high school kid to me. She has the worst smile I've ever seen on an actress. And I'm not wild about her boyfriend Patrick whatever. I just think the two are boring. Sorry, just being honest.


plain stupid ...jealous of kim and victoria beckham plsss she looks like a starving skeleton


first off, calling celebs k-stew, scar-jo, and so on is tacky and lame and just plain rude and if anyone actual read people you'd know that they've had many articles about how much celebs hate it. learn their names and stop being lazy. second, she deserves this. and third, gaga is not unique. ever heard of Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Bette Midler? I'm 22 and even I know this.

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