Kim Kardashian Komplains About Near Kar Krash, Danger of "Legalized Stalking"

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She may call them up and tell her exactly where she'll be so they can snap pictures and keep her in the news... but Kim Kardashian is mad at the paparazzi!

The reality star took to Twitter last night and said a member of the so-called press “almost crashed into my car today!”

She added that she's "still shaking" from the experience and asked: “He put me in such danger! When will this legalized stalking stop???!!!???”

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Ex-boyfriend Nick Lachey, of course, explained to a magazine last month how Kardashian often called photographers to alert them to her presence around town.

On Friday, meanwhile, Kanye West slammed his head into a metal street pole while attempting to avoid members of the paparazzi in Los Angeles.

It was rather hilarious.


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Kim Kardashian Komplains About Near Kar Krash, Danger of "Legalized Stalking"
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All you people who put her down cause she has sex with men, being rich, now pregnant ...all you pathetic people obviously like her cause you are taking time out your bitter life to comment on a woman who don't give 2 shits about you....take your pathetic life and leave her i like that she's dramatic, the only reason she's famous is a boring sex tape but atleast she did something other than eating a used tampon....hey Kim tell all these people to suck a big fat ****....cyber stalkers! And no i don't give a shit what any of you yards say...


She's fkin pregnant of course she's gonna gain weight.


I wish the photos would just stop taking her pictures and not give her all the attention she thinks she should get. Give her a taste of what it will be like when Kanye sticks her in the house all the time being a full time mom whore maid and cook. If u stop now she will freak out and she will dump his ass. The plan is being placed with a few comments made by a few anonymous friends and some of her family. They r not as dumb as we think. They r showing in the new season of KUWK how Kanye isn't around and friends are discussing how he is controlling her. They realize now he is gonna shut down the paparazzi if she stays with him. Shut her down now and give her a taste of what he's gonna do to her. She will appreciate it in the end. If she don't find out now her dumb @ss will get married again and be dealing with another divorce.

Victoria mcguire

Stalking? hey Kim you and your mother tell them every day what your schedule is for the day and evening so they can photo you all the time. This message is just for more PR drama to draw more attention to your obese body.


She fed the monster for years, and built her house-of-cards "career" based on publicity, pictures and TMI. Now she wants out because of their aggressive behavior. Shove it, Kim! You deserve every bit of this!


only celebs like her react kinda childish..............WHO CARES ABOUT HER ANYWAY?


This woman is her family's bread winner. The one that I believe is calling the paps is either her mother or the poor slobs that run the nail salons, restaurants, car parking services, etc.I remember hearing a pap begging Kim for a pic so that he can feed his family.Nick lachey is an a*hole because he using Kim to bring ttention to his non selling music. He also attacked Jessica Simpson as well. I take no stock in what he has to say.


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