Kanye West Walks Into Pole, Bangs Head, FLIPS OUT on Paparazzi

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So Kanye West walks into a bar ... and BAM! That's gotta hurt!

No, really, he did. A street sign, to be specific. He and Kim Kardashian were out and about in Beverly Hills when the rapper wasn't looking in front of him.

Walking with his head to avoid getting his picture taken, he plowed into a pole (holding a Wrong Way sign, amusingly enough), and it clearly didn't feel good.

Kanye clenched his head in pain, then appeared to compose himself and leave without incident as his very pregnant baby mama tried to console him.

However, the seemingly inevitable tantrum did still occur.

West proceeded to absolutely GO OFF on a photographer a few moments later, even though it looked like that guy had just arrived and was clueless.

Vintage 'Ye. Check out the incident above, it's amazing.


I'm sorry this was funny for the simple reason these two walk out of the underground parking or whatever it was holding hands, walking and looking down. If that wasn't stupid what is. Why would they hold their heads down.....do they think the paparazzi would not recognize them with their heads hanging down. Kanye should be mad at himself not the paparazzi. Next time I bet he will walk with his head up. SMH. Did anybody notice the sign said "WRONG WAY". Maybe life is trying to tell him something.


Just shows you how BIG his head really is? I mean he hit a sign with it....


Kanye West, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Donald Glover look like they could be brothers.


Watch where yer going next time you stupid n@#!r ape.Imma hit dis pole..bish.Where's Orca the Whale?

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