Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Leah Messer Announces She's Pregnant!

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Leah Messer Calvert announced on the second half of MTV's Teen Mom 2 reunion special Monday night that she is pregnant with her third child!

Or was, anyway.

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On last season's Teen Mom 2 reunion, Leah promised Dr. Drew that she wouldn’t try to get pregnant with new husband Jeremy Calvert any time soon.

So much for that.

As a 20-year-old remarried mom of twins, Leah is the last person who should be thinking about having kids, but hey. It's been done at this point.

She had the kid. Awhile ago. These MTV reunion shows are odd in that the information being relayed is far outdated by the time it makes it air.

Some concerns are universal and timeless, however.

Dr. Drew is also worried about the distance between Leah and Jeremy, who works out of town six days a week, and feels that will take its toll.

However, Leah Messer does have a strong co-parenting partner in ex-husband Corey Simms, who is also happily engaged to Miranda Patterson.

They both agree they are better as friends and co-parents, and Jeremy and Corey genuinely get along, so if nothing else, that dynamic is working.

Even Dr. Drew concedes they are all doing “remarkably” well.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska admits she is still struggling to raise Aubree by herself as a single mom, and is so tired of all the drama with Adam Lind.

She doesn’t think he puts enough effort into co-parenting, only sees Aubree when it's convenient, yet she still hooks up with him now and then.

Totally normal.

Chelsea Houska's dad, Randy, thinks she needs to move on and deserves better, and that the fighting is only going to stop if the two stop hooking up.

Interesting theory. For now, she says she’s going to focus on finishing school, and will finally move on from her baby daddy. We will not hold our breath.

Last week, Jenelle Evans' heroin addiction and Kailyn Lowry's non-stop beefing with Jo Rivera and Vee Torres were the focus of the reunion show.

Which Teen Mom 2 star do you think is doing the best? Worst?

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