Justin Bieber: Confronted by Keyshawn Johnson, Stoned While Speeding?

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Keyshawn Johnson has thrown a flag on Justin Bieber.

As previously reported, police responded to calls from Bieber's neighbors Sunday night after the singer was accused of ONCE AGAIN driving like a manic around town.

And, according to TMZ, it was actually Johnson - a former top NFL Draft pick and current ESPN analyst - who initially took issue with Bieber's dangerous antics.

Keyshawn Johnson Picture
Justin Bieber in a Sweatshirt

Insiders say Keyshawn left a party Sunday night inside he and Justin's gated Calabasas community when Bieber went flying by in his Ferrari.

Johnson allegedly took the child that had been riding with him home… chased after Bieber in his Prius… and then blocked JB in his driveway once the duo arrived at Justin's residence.

Bieber responded by fleeing inside and refusing to confront the ex-wide receiver, who does stand 6'4" and weigh 212 pounds.

TMZ sources add that at least two people called the police on Bieber that evening and several witnesses can confirm he was behind the wheel.

Some told officers that he looked stoned while driving.

UPDATE: Sounds like Johnson isn't the only one having problems with Bieber these days.


The next thing you know, he and Amanda Bynes will be dating.


he is such an a-hole. the faces he gives to the camera like he is don juan. also, what a hateful sob leaving his monkey in Germany and not giving a crap. hmmm, what an animal lover I think not. I hope the aspca fines this idiot and bans him from having animals. he is trying to do a Michael Jackson. yeah, in his dreams. the jerk.


Justin Bieber is a douche bag


Well ,when you chase some one ,what is your speed(special when you angry..it is not your job..) ,have you ever check your speed?Justin has problem with speed he will get the consequences...don't worry ..People is speeding everywhere not just Justin..




I'm a fan but gosh Justin needs to calm down. The thing however is that you people are so quit to judge until you hear someone's story. "Throw him in jail" "he thinks he's above the law" "I hate this kid" alright we get It he has issues but I bet u'd all shuttup and feel stupid if he was to tell his story of what he's going through internally. Which is evident through his actions. I wish him the best.


Put the punk in jail. What a piss ant. Can't stand the kid.


Why is it that these famous kids think they sre above the law....maybe its because they seem to get a slap on the wrist and that's it....if someone like myself did just 1 of the many things the he has done or Lindsey Lohan....I would be behind bars....it maddening that's for sure...the laws shouldn't change just because you have money...breaking the law is breaking the law...


Keyshawn is nothing but a worthless,black,thug punk himself and he has always been...this guy ran his mouth and caused all kinds of crap in the NFL...he is also a friggin horrible analyst.He came to me with his big lips he'd get his lights out knocked out.

@ buckwheat keyshawn punk

He worthless because he black? Last time i checked he was in the right; Justin put his child endanger and he confronted about him about it. This has nothing to do about Keyshawn but all about Justin's careless driving and endangerment to not just children but everyone who lives in his neighborhood.

@ lexhollo

There wasn't a misunderstanding you in NO way defended keyshawn. Justin put the man's child in danger and he defended his child. The worthless one in this situation is Justin Beiber he thinks he is above the law period. Everyone is sick to death of this stupid little brat doing all the stupid shit he keeps doing. He's irresponsible and has no respect for anyone he comes in contact with. The day will come that someone will put him in his rightful place at this point that place is jail. The judges need to stop slapping him on the wrist and let him have the due punishment like a normal person.

@ lexhollo

Well, aren't you a racist piece of sh*t.

@ DanaJ

If i was racist i would not have defended keyshawn. I was asking a question of why all thought he was worthless. Im sorry if it was misunderstood.


He ran from Keshawn because he knew he was wrong, endangering
others. AND because he didn't have his posse out there with him. Can you see him trying to stand up to Keshawn? Hysterical if he wasn't so pathetic.
My granddaughter used to adore him when he started. She now
sees him for a punk, as do many of his "older" previous fans.

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