Justin Bieber Baby Mama Speaks Out, Accuses Singer of Fathering Child in 2010

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Look at it this way, Justin Bieber: at least this will serve as a distraction from your ongoing reckless driving issues.

A 27-year old European tells Star Magazine she slept with Bieber in February of 2010 and gave birth to the singer's child nine months later.

Justin Bieber in Netherlands Concert

"Justin didn’t know anything about it," an insider tells the tabloid. "She just wanted to protect her baby. She wanted to keep her and her family away from any spotlight."

So why is she coming out now? That (along with the validity of this story) is unclear.

But the woman reportedly met Bieber at a Friday's in South Beach and went back to the Gansevoort South hotel to consummate the relationship (if you know what we mean!!!).

She then returned to Europe a few weeks later, discovered she was knocked up and, according to Star, was "100 percent sure" Justin was responsible.

“In my opinion, [the toddler] does look a lot like Justin did at that same age,” the magazine's anonymous source hilariously adds.

Unlike Mariah Yeater, who sued Bieber for paternity of her baby in 2011 and who was eventually proven to be a total liar, this woman is apparently not asking for a thing from the star.

"She’s going to leave it up to Justin to decide, at any point in the future that he chooses, if he ever wants to get involved with the child.”


I wander if selena is ok with him being a daddy and she anit the mother


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they should do a blood test just for the lulz


Oh an one more thing if justin and they lady did have a baby together shouldn't she be in jail cause Justin was under age??

@ Abby

your right if they cant think of that then they need to get there head on straight

@ Abby

no it is not like rape or anything he was not forced to do it he chose to


First if all it wasn't even justin driving recklesly it was Tyler the Creator... So that accusation can stop at any time! Thanks!


hey what up


he what up


What are you talking about ...its not his fault some crazy women is claiming to be the mother of justins unknown child.


I really hope that the 27 year old woman is better looking than Mariah Yeater is. I would kind of love it if Justin Bieber had knocked up someone like Kim Kardashian.


wasn't he underage to legally consent?

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