Farrah Abraham "Role Model" Claim SLAMMED By Catelynn Lowell

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Farrah Abraham recently said she's trying to be a role model.

Teen Mom co-star Catelynn Lowell scoffs at that statement.

"I say someone does a poll who's a better role model? Huh, I think I win. LOL," wrote Cate, who has been trading barbs with Farrah on Twitter lately.

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The feud started over the infamous Farrah Abraham porn.

After Backdoor Teen Mom was posted online, Lowell Tweeted, "All I have to say is she sounds like a dying horse!! You know who I'm talking about."

Farrah then took to Twitter for a different kind of moaning.

"I know what jealousy looks like," she said. "I am trying to be a role model for the other Teen Moms. I try not to knock them down. I try to better them."

"Catelynn has a weight issue, but I don't say harsh things about her."

Except by pointing them out in passive-aggressive fashion.

In any case, Lowell hit back, "I'm a real role model."

"How is porn gonna make girls do good? Go ahead call me on my weight issues. When you see me next time I'll look way hotter than you, so get a life!"

"At least I work to look good. I don't waste my money on plastic surgery!" the 21-year-old reality star added. "All REAL woman here not fake ass plastic!"

"Role model my ass!"

Pick a side:

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