Farrah Abraham on Catelynn Lowell "Dying Horse" Comment: Jealous Much, Fatty?!

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Newly-minted porn queen Farrah Abraham took time out from her usual sparring with James Deen to engage in another war of words with an unexpected critic:

Teen Mom co-star Catelynn Lowell.

Stars of Teen Mom

Having apparently watched at least part of the Farrah Abraham sex tape, Lowell tweeted that her MTV co-star sounded like a "dying horse" on the video.

That would be one way to describe some of the animalistic noises she made while James Deen was doing his thing, but Abraham seems unfazed.

"I know what jealousy looks like," she said of Cate. "I am trying to be a role model for the other Teen Moms. I try not to knock them down. I try to better them."

Then, in the same breath, the 21-year-old added: "Catelynn clearly has a weight issue, but I don't say harsh things about her to hurt her self-esteem."

Yes ... what a great role model she is.

Always one to lead by example and take responsibility for her actions, while leading an honest and virtuous existence and totally unwilling to insult others.

As for Lowell, no word on whether Cate paid for the whole Farrah video on Vivid or just watched the couple of snippets that are up for free on YouPorn.

And speaking of dead horses ... we are really beating this story like one, though all of Abraham's absurd comments leave us little to no choice.


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Oh and calling another teen mom co star "fatty", is soo predictable and selfish. Somewhat devilish! Catelynn now is much smaller than she used to be! Taking that from a model is kind of devilish. Girls today look through magazines wishing they had the models body and to a model judging someone by size is just disrespectful. But just know, in order to be a role Model you need to respect others! It doesn't come on its own. You will be judged by everything! By the surgeries u went through and by this tape and by every single comment you make. So no Farrah, i think I f u were trying to be a role model, it would not be a very good one at the moment.


Yeah! I'm not trying to start up anything with Farrah but if she's trying to be a role model, "to better them" then I had no idea that a sex tape would be necessary! I mean come on! What celebrity do u know that was- no- that became famous from a sex tape?! Not only that, those videos haunt u forever! No matter where u go! There will be questions about it from reporters and it will follow u through any career that u choose. Your daughter will one day run into it, what will that do to her? So I think that catelynn was one of the many, dissing the tape.


I mean not to be mean Farrah but if your not a bad mom then why we're you in rehab any way I know what you are going throw but I would go to a bar and get drunk and my wonderfull 12year old daughter would call my sister and well you know but her father passed away and I left her And she had no one to follow somones foot steps And she followed my mine and now she's in rehabs but she is 17 and she should haven known better but it was my falt so be care full by by


Farrah what kind of role model are you ? Oh the kind that teaches kids not to respect their parents. To call their parents by their name like they are no body. To use their parents only for what you want and that only then should they talk when you want them too. The reason you act the way you do and the porn you are doing is cause you cant find someone to love you. The dad wasn't with you before he passed away wonder why? The guy you tried to get to marry you ran away so I guess be a slut cause that's the only way you can get someone to pay attention to you. And Your stomach is nasty its like your four months pregnant still. To say something to Catelynn shes way better person then you can ever be. Oh shes fatty is what you called her she has a man that loves her. She made the right decision for her daughter. To bad you cant do the same cause Sophia would be better off with real parents that are looking out for her future how embrassing for her when she gets older and they make fun of her cause your her porn selfish mom. I wish the best to Sophia and hope her grandma is there for her IM not even to sure about your dad he seem to protect you on Dr.Phil really sick to think why he was protecting you. just saying




I have always liked Catelynn cuz her and boyfriend have always tried to make the right decision about their lives but Farrah says she a role model. For who. Farrah is delusional nasty and disgusting and needs to be admitted into the closest psychiatric unit.


Just watched the clip WOW warning: don't watch this when your boss is around xD http://www.celebrity-sex-tapes...


And this is what teenage girls tune into for entertainment! No wonder there are so many teens shi*ting away their life when they follow Kim K and this bunch! You would have to have an extremely low self worth to somehow beleive that this group of wasted skanks have any kind of future. Who in Gods name would ever want anything that resembles this? A pimp? Young women have no respect for themselves and will lay with just about anything. What a wreck and no future with the mess they have made.

@ Sweet

i think she looks great just watched it on psdbforum

@ Jenny

Looks? Right-I almost forgot. This is the age of PRESENTATION!

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