Chris Brown: Graffiti Stays Up!

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Chris Brown has a message for his neighbors and local officials who want him to take down the graffiti artwork in front of his house. And that message is:

F--k y'all!

Chris Brown House Graffiti

The singer's Hollywood Hills neighbors complained to the city about the mural he sprayed on the front of his home, for which he does not have a permit.

Now Brown's graffiti work could result in fines from the city, which he doesn't seem too concerned with. He said this week that he's ready for a fight.

Big surprise.

You gotta hand it to Rihanna's ex in terms of his freelance art skills, though. He just wakes up one day and decides to paint that out front for fun?

Talk about a man of many talents. Just sayin'.


Low class ghetto saggin does this.


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He's trash period

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