Celebrity Splits: Which Couple Should Get Back Together?

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It hasn't been a great few months for famous, young, rich, attractive couples.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split toward the end of 2012.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev broke the hearts of Vampire Diaries fans earlier this month.

And then Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ended their three-year relationship just last weekend.

Might there be hope for any of these twosomes? Do you want there to be? Consider the duos below and vote: Which do you most hope gets back together?

And the Winner is?

All three of these couples recently split. Which do you most hope runs it back again? View Poll »

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honestly i would rather justin bieber be with selena than any other hoe go selena sorry miley, nicki,...ect


When Nina and Ian broke up I was majorly heartbroken.....They were my fav celeb couple............ :'(


ian and nina the best couple


its all publicity and advertisement with overwealthy celebs-breakups cause a stir and make pity for one--hate for the man most likely. Girls get that "oh poor baby" pity from stupid ignorant fans who think she even cares-she is lesbian.


We are tired of Selena & Taylor Swift breakup song copycats. Selena wants to act like Taylor(truth is they are lesbian lovers,Beiber never mattered to Selena-Taylor is her GOD!! Beiber should hate Taylor for taking away his glory as a man! Taylor is a cunt munching Ellen lesbian.She got caught with Katy Perry & Emily in her early years and Emily her (fiddle player) got fired for the lesbian love affair by Taylor's Mom& Dad to save Taylor and let her go bigtime into stardom! Taylro is and has alwys been a man hating lesbian in high school even.Thats why she has 200 songs about hating boys and wanting hate revenge on them. She just dates celebrity boys to boost her career-they just want sex so she puts it out like a prostitute in motels but breaks up with them for pity from fans and gets more writing material to cuss her 250th sex partner with her vagina as big as a guitar hole(super enlarged pushole) She is a fag girl only and negger rapper drug tramp on drugs. She love sto suck black men off fro heroin or crack(pictures on XHAMSTER under KANYE REVENGE)


Yeah Justin bieber is a bitch cuz why can yu have a affair with rihanna if Chris Brown find out he will beat Justin bieber ads I will be laughing so hard I said wat yu get

@ quiana

u just jealous shut up jit


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✔✔✔✔It's a dangerous thing when you have love without faith and trust... No one wants to feel unsure when they give their heart away.


I love you jb my bby


To justin bieber you are such a ass for dumping selena and y did u take her in the 1st place and not me but I guess a girl can have dreans right Mr ass

@ jade

I love you jb


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@ leah

He doesn't care about you he cares about me

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