Attractive & Fat: Blogger Recreates Abercrombie Ads, Flaunts Size 22 Body

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Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries really kicked the proverbial hornet's nest.

By remarking, basically, that his clothing company caters only to "the cool kids" and he doesn't want any fat girls in his stores, he caused a major uproar.

Stars like Kirstie Alley and Ellen slammed A&F for sending such a message, and now a blogger named Jes (a.k.a. The Militant Baker) has upped the ante.

Attractive and Fat

Recreating popular topless Abercrombie ads (and wearing their clothes) in a series of photos, the Size-22 Jess says A&F should stand for "Attractive & Fat."

She published the images - which should make Jeffries cringe - on her blog, with an open letter to the company lamenting its stance on "larger people."

Jeffries told Business Insider that A&F is "exclusionary," and for "cool and popular kids ... a lot of people don't belong [in our clothes] and they can't belong."

Jes writes that she hopes one day all ads, even A&F's, will feature plus-size females or "unconventional models" with "not short, not fat, professional models."

H&M's swimsuit model in this summer's catalog qualifies, but somehow we don't see A&F following suit - even if, as Jes notes, their clothes do fit her.

Take a long look, Mike! Check out more of Jes' photos below:

Attractive and Fat (A&F Ad Parody)
A&F Ad Parody
Attractive, Fat
Abercrombie & Fitch Ad Parody

I don't really get what she's trying to prove. First of all, that's a mens shirt from the store. Second of all, she's about to rip out of it like the incredible hulk. Third, I find it ironic the guy in the picture is slim. Fat is NOT hot/sexy/attractive at all. I don't get why the company received such backlash from MJs comment. What popular brand of clothing do you know uses fat people in their advertises? Not a single one. MJ just said what all major clothing companies were thinking. The company should not have to issue an apology to fat people or up their sizes. They're fine as they are. Fat people are always screaming discrimination and blaming others for their fat. They just hate to be reminded how fat and ugly they are.


Remember fellas Fat is attractive only if its a woman.
Men sill have to look like slim hot models to be considered attractive.




Glad to see a natural non anorexic person!!!!


That short seem a bit tight on her that is all I got to say :P


Meh I think everyone is beautiful. Good for her for standing up to A+F. It's kinda mean what they said. People these days.


i think that it shouldn't be about what size she is. i think it should be about wether or not she healthy. i'm a size 14 but i am helathy, i go to the gym twice a week and workout. i can keep up with my two kids and run for quite a while with out getting winded. if she is heathly then i dont have a problem with any of this. If she is unheathly then, yeah she shouldn't flaunt it. you should flaunt how unhealthy you are, but do you people know what she eats everyday? do you know what she does in her free time? NO you don't so don't just judge by a picture. i agree with some of what each of you have said and i also disagree. if you don't know the person then how can you judge?

@ angel

i meant to say *shouldn't flaunt


Honestly to each their own. A&F is going to lose quite a bit of money. Who cares if you're fat or thin. Tall or short. People find different things attractive.


I can honestly say that I'm bigger , yes i can still wear Abercrombie and fitch but that dosent change the fact that society sees my the way i am . For him to say that fat kids will never be the popular kids is a lie. I am one of the most popular kids in my school , due to the fact i know how to treat people and i go and make friends. so all of your opinions are bullshit. But kids kill themselves everyday due to what people say to them and now y'all are writing the same horrible shit on the internet. Its really sad. Everyone looks around and wonders why kids do what they do well heres you answer. ignorant people like you. And for all you skinny people prase god for you that there is fat people because if there wasent what would make you skinny? nothing society would tear you to shreds too.


Ironic how the male model is thin. Guess she doesn't think fat guys are attractive. I'm sorry but this girl is gross. Too fat is gross, too thin is gross too. If you think you need to be model thin to be attractive you're wrong, but fat is fat people. It's unhealthy and should not be bragged about. It takes hard work to be healthy and fit and should be emulated. Before the fat people start crying about stereotypes, take a look in your double wide mirror and ask yourself if you're happy with type 2 diabetes and heart disease at 30. You're part of the reason health insurance premiums are where they are. Want to wear A & F; lose weight or else go to Lane Bryant and stop bitching. So tired of fat people acting like someone did this to them. You are not a victim, you ate too much and didn't exercise. Deal with it. Oh and those thigh tats are hideous.

@ JD

You're going out of your way to be mean.

@ Van

In retrospect it was overly mean. I apologize for the insults, but the opinion that she should not be something to emulate I feel is valid. Anyone can be obese, it takes no effort except to eat. Do you know that if every person in the world ate like we in the US do, we would need 4 earths to grow the food! Obesity is an epidemic. 1 in 3 kids is morbidly obese! This is nothing to be proud of. We as a society and individuals should always strive to be the best we can be, not lazy gluttons that hide behind
some weird political correctness instead of facing the reality that obesity is not healthy and it takes work, hard work to be healthy.

@ JD+

I agree with you. infact i am ALWAYS on a diet just to fight being in the over weight catagory because my body just craves food ALLL the time. so my whole life has been nothing but avoidance of family occasions, holidays, friends, partyies. anywhere there is food pretty much. and i am still 150-60 lbs. its sucks ass but obesity is not okay and i refuse to let myself get that way. PS where can i find that statistic about 4 earths?

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