Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Probably Gets High on Heroin on National TV

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“So? Being a felon ain’t illegal!" - Kieffer Delp, for an early Plus 300.

This week, on Teen Mom 2 ... Jenelle Evans got high again, her deadbeat BF was at his deadbeat best, and Kailyn set a wedding date with Javi.

Meanwhile, Leah met with a specialist regarding daughter Ali and things were, OMG, like so tense between Chelsea and Adam. Like whoa. Crazy.

Read on for THG's official +/- Teen Mom 2 recap!

Jenelle and Kieffah

Jenelle Evans began the night on a high note, and we don't even mean that with a pin intended, as assault charges from Gary Head were dropped.

Plus 100, though she's also evicted from her apartment, so Minus 50, and we all know Jenelley never takes a step forward without taking a couple back.

Attorney Dustin says that with the Gary Head situation behind her, she'll be in the clear legally as long as she doesn’t violate her probation again.


Before long, Jenelle gets her eviction notice, and since Kieffer Delp is a convicted felon, their options are even more limited than that of run-of-the-mill miscreants.

Her mom, Bahhhbrahhh, tears her a new one for not being responsible with her money and not wanting Jace. Plus 100, because it's sad but true.

Kieffer and Jenelle actually have the gall to criticize Babs for being a Walmart deli counter employee. Who takes care of your kid. Minus 500, Jenelle.

After she notes Delp's ongoing legal problems, he attempts to defend himself by saying that being a felon is not illegal. That doesn't even make sense!

Jenelle is depressed. She is broke. She is sad. So what's a girl to do? Turn it around? No, spend her last $70 on “dope.” Yes, Kieffer goes to get it.

Jenelle and her current husband, Courtland Rogers, both say she started using heroin with Kieffer. Minus 500 for that waste of a human being in general.

After Leah Messer Calvert's daughter Ali’s therapy session in which she walked across the room, the family has an appointment with the specialist.

Leah and Corey learn that the youngster has low muscle tone, and will have to be in the hospital overnight for three days for tests and observations.

Leah and Corey Simms earn Plus 400 for coming together as parents for their twins, no matter what they've been through, during such a difficult time.

Kailyn Lowry sets up a counseling session with baby daddy Jo Rivera per their court order, but her fiance Javi Marroquin is skpetical about this.

He says he has enough “control and respect” to keep his emotions in check, a passive aggressive shot at her (as-yet undiagnosed) bipolar disorder.

During therapy, Kail reveals that she fears Jo’s new girlfriend Vee will try and tak eher place as mom. Jo feels the same way about Javi. Plus 100.

Unlike most of the dads on this franchise, Jo does seem reasonably into being one, and a few weeks of the year are not gonna get it done for him.

Which is crazy, because Kailyn and Javi are GETTING MARRIED NEXT WEEK because he is in the Air Force ... which could make them move anywhere.

Jo, understandably, is livid, and while he doesn't handle his temper as well as he could, Kailyn could have been more open about this whole thing too.

Minus 100, even though they both want the best for Isaac.

Chelsea Houska and ex Adam Lind both throw separate parties for their daughter Aubree on her third birthday, and are the most awkward exes ever.

Chelsea’s birthday for Aubree goes smoothly. Adam's does not. He can't spell her name right or order age-appropriate presents. Kind of sad, really.

Adam Lind, everybody. Worst boyfriend and baby daddy in South Dakota? Maybe not quite, but the guy really needs to step up his game. Minus 100.



Wow she is really messing up her life and she needs help. MTV should show her on tv because this happens everyday. People like her have a house, car, I phone and etc. Where does she get all the money? She buys drugs too.. Why doesn't she get a reality check and admit she is a drug addict. She is gonna be just like Lindsey Loham soon...


ewwwww jenelle..need to get a life..drugs are four losser...


MTV needs to GET RID OF JANELLE EVANS or whatever her name is. She is a PATHETIC EXCUSE of a human being, let alone a mother. She and K.Delph are piss poor examples of the human race, straight up DOPE HEADS. Barbara should go to court and get ALL of Janelle's parental rights stripped. SHAME ON MTV FOR KEEPING THIS POS ON THE AIR! What a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE example to set for teens and young mothers everywhere. Get rid of her trashy,dope head ass ASAP!!!


Jannelle want grow up, she has yet to figure it out yet.
i feel for her son! but thank goodness mom is there to help,
but my thing is, if there is going to be a season 3, why can't we keep up with whats happening with the presnt mothers, there is still lots going on with them?


Sorry excuse for a mother!! That's all I have to say.


She needs to get her head out of her ass and get her life together and stop doing drugs and stop dating these loser little boys and worring about getting a job and take better care of her son then instead of worring about getting her junk getting wet .she is a piss poor mother and she is also selfish and it's pretty sad having her mom raise her grand baby when it's own mother cant be a good mother instead she is putting drugs before her own kid

@ Karen

you are so right


These teens,some of which shows teens it,s okay to not go to school ,get high not work some of these girls need not be on , Jenelle one LEIGH the other, they are notdoing nothing right. Ifeel sorry for there children.They are money hungre for the wrong reasons


If ur NOT a teen mom,and have yet to experience what its like stfu real talk lets see how many of yall mofo's got parent of the year Awards :-\ im not saying its right but damn back off and let them be you obsessed freaks Gobwrite about your self bet u wont

@ ambulerr86

Iwas a teen mom, but I sure didn,t set around under a blanket all the time and eat out the way these girls are doing. TV.show are not Ithink the show needs to show the hard part of raising a child these girls move every other week it seems It,s suppoce to be real so show real

@ ambulerr86

WOW good english dude. i bet you are a professor.


OMG!! You said exactly what I said while watching last night! They are a joke! I think Jenelle should be on Dr. Phil also!! Seriously, did they not think that the mic wouldn't pick up they're conversation! Her priorities are so f'd up, I know this was taped a year ago but I'm sure Jenelle hasn't changed!!

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