Kamala Harris: "Best-Looking" Attorney General in U.S., President Obama Says!

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President Barack Obama raised eyebrows in the political world today, praising California's Kamala Harris as America's "best-looking" attorney general.

Speaking at a Bay Area fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, the president said that Harris, 48, is "brilliant," "dedicated" and "tough."

"She also happens to be, by far the best-looking attorney general.”

Kamala Harris Photo
President Obama in Florida

According to reports from the fundraiser, the crowd laughed (either due to discomfort, amusement or both) after which Obama said, “It’s true! C’mon."

Some cringed at Obama's remarks, given the historic hurdles women have faced to be recognized for accomplishments rather than physical appearances.

Jonathan Chait of N.Y. Magazine called Obama "disgraceful."

"Women have a hard time being judged purely on their merits," he wrote. "Discussing their appearance in the context of evaluating job performance makes it worse."

The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart countered that Obama and Harris are "longtime friends and allies" and he wasn't "cat-calling a woman he doesn’t know."

"If I thought for one moment that’s what was going on, you better believe I’d hammer him for it. But that’s not the case here. Far from it. Lighten up, people."

Regardless ... we'd love to hear what Michelle Obama says later.

Obama calling Kamala Harris good-looking ...


Obama sees everyone as superficial as himself. Outward appearance is all that matters in his world, because its been the secret to his success.

@ Big daddy

Very insightful! Obama wasn't offering a friendly compliment -- e.g., "You're looking good today". The word "best" implies that Obama COMPARES Harris with other AG's and JUDGES her on the basis of appearance. .... Obama's word-choice gives us a glimpse of what lies behind the mask. Those who once idolized Obama are further disillusioned. Instead of "Hope and Change", they see the same patronizing emptiness they saw in G.W. Bush.


I do believe that the worst American President in hisrory, would rather have sex with a male politician.




Nothing wrong with being attractive and being called attractive. The problem for Kamala Harris has to do with her many sexual relationships with powerful politicians and media big wigs..I'll discuss today on the radio..See www.thekarelshow.com for times and stations. I don't dislike Kamala Harris..but this is not scrutiny she should welcome. Did she achieve ..based on legal ability ? or a combination of legal ability and who she boinked?


he is right.
she already needs a statue, folks!!


You mean we can't compliment someone on their looks anymore? Didn't he also call her "brilliant, dedicated, and tough"? I wouldn't call that judging purely on looks! Come on people get the sticks out of your butts and enjoy life for a change.

@ Richard

Bosses can't do that; ya gotta know this. Lighten up, sure, their are a lot of little jokes; but that's a hard one to mess up; you manage that way; someone's into you, you are not the one thinking

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