Kindergarten Student Suspended for Distracting, Distruptive Haircut

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A five-year old kindergarten student named Ethan Clos was suspended from school in Springfield, Ohio last week because he showed up with a mohawk.

We wish we were making this up.

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The child's mother, Keshia Castle, says her child begged for the hairdo throughout spring break and that "all the little kids were going over and feeling it" when Ethan was dropped off at school Wednesday.

And that was exactly the problem, according to Superintendent Gregg Morris.

"Our dress and grooming policies are designed to ensure that clothing and hairstyles do not cause a distraction to the learning environment," Morris said in a statement.

The school's handbook does state that hair "shall be worn above the eyebrows and must be kept clean," while adding that "styling or coloring arrangements which are disruptive or distracting are not permissible."

Morris referred to this policy in telling  WHIO-TV that, "in this particular case, the student’s hairstyle did provide disruption to the classroom."

But Ethan's grandmother doesn't see much of a difference between a mohawk and a fade, the latter of which is worn by other, non-suspended students.

"I could understand if it was colored, and if it stood up off longer of his head," she said. "But I don't see nothing wrong with this."


while we are at it --lets suspend the children with any disabilities may it be physical or deformed facial features because they are different and disruptive to the class by looking different. After all we all want a drone cookie cutter Ritalin nation and the ability of our children to judge others for looking or being different. Lets banned any free thinkers and punish them sheeple !


don't they have better things to be conserned about


It is a disruption. It is rediculus that parents would send their child to school looking like that. The parents need to grow up.


isn't the kid too young to make his own decissions?