Justin Bieber Signs Multi-Milllion Dollar Deal with Debit Card Company

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Justin Bieber has some advice to offer his fans.

Not about dating. And definitely not about driving. But about finances and how to avoid falling into a financial rut.

The singer has signed a deal with SpendSmart, the company behind a debit card for teenagers, and he's here to offer such sage words as:

Justin Bieber Debit Card Ad

“You know when I was a kid, we didn’t have a lot of money, so me and my family had to watch the money that we spent. I learned if you have $100 or $100 million - if you spend more than you have, you’re going to go broke.”

How very true, people.

Look for Justin Bieber videos espousing this product to appear on the artist's YouTube page later this week.

In the promotional spots, Bieber urges fans to “have a talk with your family about money," adding: "Managing your money is important and there’s a great company that can help you do that called SpendSmart.”

Hey, unlike Kim Kardashian, at least Bieber is up front about his shilling.

Oh, and his contract with SpendSmart is for a cool $3.5. So he clearly knows a thing or two about making money.


He should give all that money to educate young women on financial responsibility. He'll lose those fans when those young vunerable ladies realized they have been hoodwinked and are paying on those credit cards for years to come.

Angela raskowski

Good for him!

@ Angela Raskowski

I know isn't he hot! But yes good for him


so his mom is finally able to buy those pump & dress?

@ abe

That isn't nice. Please say something nice.


I love your soings


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In a world where cash registers have pictures of Big Macs to push..... then a "picture" of the change comes up that they should give.... Sure. Its needed.


Google good. Veggies global


""me and my family"" Nice grammer

@ al

Nice spelling.


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