Farrah Abraham to Jenelle Evans: YOU SUCK at Parenting, Life!

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Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, both of whom have made some scandalous headlines of late, are engaged in a serious feud.

Perhaps upset that Abraham and her sex tape have been stealing her tabloid thunder, Jenelle said Farrah has been “annoying the sh!t” out of her.

Farrah Abraham Cries on Teen Mom
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“Who do I sound like?” laughed Jenelle Evans on video sharing site Keek, before imitating a similar video Farrah recorded after her recent DUI arrest.

Now Farrah is firing back at “struggling” Jenelle, who she suggests has been “stalking” her and is mired in “drugs and bad relationships with men.”

She also says Jenelle sucks at parenting. True, but ouch!

“From one helpful and concerned Teen Mom to another Teen Mom, who is clearly struggling," began the Farrah Abraham sex tape star to her fellow MTV star.

"I think it is in your best interest to immediately detract from spouting jealous attacks towards myself and other successful, positive and great mothers."

Farrah doesn't lack for self-confidence, does she?

Abraham told Jenelle to “focus on making her marriage better, sorting out her drug addiction and helping her wonderful son that needs her in his life.”

“Jenelle has all the potential to turn her negatives in to a positive like I have," she tells Radar. “I wish Jenelle all the best in her future no matter what."

"If she is happy the way she is, that is her choice. But I will not be paying attention to her self destruction. I will continue to stay focused on improving my family."

Whether fornicating on film with James Deen is a productive way of doing that is a subject for another time, but she's clearly made her point re: Jenelle.

Previously, Jenelle labeled Farrah’s plastic surgery - a breast enhancement, rhinoplasty, chin implant and so forth - as “insane” and “not intelligent.”

It remains to be seen how she'll respond to Farrah's recent missive, but when you get arrested for heroin and assault, you may not have much of a leg to stand on.

Choose your side in this Teen Mom feud:


I think the issue here lies not with who is a better or worse parent, but rather the issue comes from people thinking they can say whatever they want, whenever they want. If Jenelle feels as though Farrah is fake, a bad mom, etc. that is something that as an adult she should have kept to herself, instead of vocalizing it. To make matters worse she did so on a social network. Jenelle starts a feud for the sake of starting drama. Both their actions as responses prove their immaturity and poor parenting skills. If they would have left well enough alone their wouldn't have been an issue, but Jenelle and Farrah have one thing in common, they love attention, good or bad. This "war" gives them that.


Ugh... Jenelle may have a lot more problems, but at least she admits it instead of acting like a fake, spoiled brat. Farrah is the dumbest human being on the planet. She needs a lesson in grammar as well.


Both of these girls will be junkies long before 25 (Jenelle is already there). Farrah needs to open her eyes and realize she is also in the category of shitty mom. I mean come on, Raise your hand if you'd like to see your mom in a porn video.




I'm not trying to judge but in my eyes Janelle is a horrible mother! Thank God for her mother or that little boy would have no one!!! I just can't believe if she is that way why in the he'll is she doing it for the world to see?!? How she gets out of the charges and other stupid stuff she does I don't know, but how stupid can you be


Farrah and Jenelle BOTH SUCK!!!!! End of story.


this both disgusting, but i'd rather my mom be a post drug addict then porn star


I struggled with drug addiction for almost five years, so i know what janelle is going thru. And, thank goodness i had the strength to overcome my addiction by myself and without rehab. But that is definitely not for most people. I didnt do heroin or anything like that and didnt buy stuff on the streets, but addiction is addiction no matter what u do. And it does not, in my opinion, make her a horrible mother or person. She is simply a very young girl with some problems and a terrible disease. Afterall, addiction is a disease. Would u people make fun of or badmouth someone with cancer? I doubt it. Therefore, my advise to janelle is this: go to rehab and better yourself and your life for you and your gorgeous son. Stay out of relationships for the time being and focus on yourself and getting ur life back on track. Because let me tell you, if you dont, you will regret it. My oldest child was almost 8 before i bettered myself and by than it waa too late. He went to go live with his father because of how i was before i got better and it kills me ever day that he is not here because they are 1000 miles away from me. I have two other kids now who are 2 and a half and 1. But hes my first born. And i miss him so much. So, trust me, if u dont put him first, he will resent u for it and u will regret it the rest of your life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and i wish you nothing but the best.

@ michele

Addiction is not a disease. It all stems from a choice. If you had never made stupid choices you would not have become addicted. Does it have physical manifestations? Yes. But in the end addiction is not something that just "happens" to you. How dare you compare it to cancer- something that people have NO CHOICE over. I think it is wonderful that you beat your addictions, you should be very proud. But don't act like addiction is something you can't control. You chose to use the drug in the first place. People with cancer don't get a choice.

@ michele

Before I started reading the comments I was going to post one to something about how Jenelle's issues and bad decisions are related to her drug addiction [of course I don't mean that to say that she would be perfect if she were sober or if she weren't an addict at all, but you and I both know that the bad decisions made while using are usually REALLY, REALLY bad decisions over and over again rather than some "normal" bad decisions with a really bad one mixed in every once in a while, but learned from instead of repeated multiple times], whereas Farrah has made plenty of bad decisions without having an addiction or looking back and saying "Maybe I shouldn't have done that." Even if Jenelle makes the same mistakes more than once, I can guarantee that she does realize that they're bad decisions and regrets them. And, as a mother herself, Farrah knows that calling someone else a bad parent, whether it's true at the time or not, is one of the most hurtful things you can say to someone. Call me every name in the book, insult everything about me, but do NOT call me a bad mom! [And I may judge someone as a parent in my head, but this post is one of the VERY few times I've ever discussed it or said it out loud to someone else, and you'll NEVER hear me referring to anyone else as or calling anyone 'a bad parent'!] Keep up the good work with you life Michele! And P.S. I noticed when I looked back at someone in your comment that you spelled Jenelle's name wrong ;) I'm ONLY pointing it out because of my name, and because I specified the difference in the "Name" box of this form before I even saw that you spelled her name with an A like mine is :P


these are 2 incredibly intelligent women (i know you don't believe me, but season 1 they said Janelle finished HS while pregnant with straight A's) who have little to no self respect and both their priorities are completely out of whack. Farrah prioritizes Farrah and her child 2nd...sorry, doing porn for quick money isn't success- its prostitution and what happened to becoming a Chef??? I haven't watched the show in years...Janelle is too smart - probably has adhd or something, needs to get some meds that HELP her instead of self medicating her way out of her feelings...stop worshiping people like KEISHA!! and get a job, start some counseling and just do what the HELL your mom says - she has your son!!! She is the gatekeeper to the person who she is literally destroying herself over!! yes, your mom is a bitch, get over it and kiss her ass for a few years and redeem yourself because that baby, ain't a baby anymore and WAIT till he is a teenager and your mother is elderly - shit is gonna get bad for him and you will have no one to blame but YOU!. Ok, done...


They both suck. Atleast jennelle signed over rights cause she knows she sucks. You don't see jenelle waxing a toddlers eyebrows or making porn... or taking her son to negotiate about the porn! Yeah farrah I'm sure Sophia is going to be so proud of her mom when all the kids in school are making fun of her because of you

@ melissa emerson

Farrah is dumber than a rock. She just TRIES to sound smart, and fails miserably. Every time she opens her mouth she makes another grammatical error while trying to sound smart and use flowery language. She's fake and she's a spoiled brat. Jenelle, however, is sharp as a tack, she has just made stupid choices. Guys make her stupid. I want so badly for her to get her life together and to find happiness. She's got way worse problems than Farrah, but she's not fake. She admits them. She has really low self esteem compared to big-headed Farrah, and I feel bad for her. She's constantly crying out for attention and she's settling for guys who just hurt her every time. I pray that in 5 years she will have an education, a good job, a good relationship with her mother, a good marriage, and a nice home for her son. I don't know if that's likely, but I pray it happens.

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