Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: James Deen Remake Shot After Original Deal Fell Apart?

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Earlier today, we reported that a Farrah Abraham sex tape was being shopped, which turned out to be true. The Teen Mom star is gettin' freaky on film.

With James Deen, a professional porn star. Seriously.

Even crazier? It was filmed YESTERDAY. April 7.

Farrah Abraham Cleavage
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So what the heck is going on? According to reports, Farrah Abraham and her ex made an amateur sex tape back in the day, which she recently tried to shop.

Because the proper releases weren’t obtained, however, the deal fizzled ... so she turned around made a “legal” sex tape with James Deen instead.

Says an inside source with knowledge of the deal:

“The original sex tape shows Farrah having intercourse and giving oral sex to ex boyfriend. A third party was involved in the sale, but Farrah was also involved."

"She wanted it out because she’s desperate to be relevant. The problem is that there’s no release for the sex tape because both parties need to sign off on it.”

Kevin Blatt, the broker responsible for the Kim Kardashian sex tape and the one featuring that Paris girl, said he passed on this for two reasons:

“I saw the tape with Farrah and I passed. Not only is Farrah not a real celebrity, but there was no release showing that she was of legal age at the time," he said.

“When I saw it I felt like I was watching child pornography.”

Blatt claims Farrah signed with Vivid so she could have a legal tape would be legal and profits could be obtained ... and who better to co-star than Deen?

“The 18 USC 2257 release states that both parties must be over 18 and consent,” Blatt said of the deal she supposedly inked with Vivid's Steve Hirsch.

So yeah, look for a staged but fully nude and extended sex tape featuring a Teen Mom star and a real porn star to hit shelves sooner rather than later.

Will you watch the Farrah Abraham sex tape?!


It's kind of sad that she wants the lime light so bad that she will sale sex tape. Or try too. Even go to the extent of hiring a Porn Star and such to make a brand new sex tape and what not. Farrah is not that beautiful to me like her person, she's very superficial to me honestly. And she just wants to use this to be relevant. She's not using it to be a mother, she's not in desperate need to raise her child or nothing. The only thing I am excited for in this whole thing is "James Deen"! He's my favorite male porn star. So that is the only plus in this whole story. I bet you that will be why this tape or dvd will sale a lot is because of him. Not because of her honestly. She's not relevant at all. She made a smart decision picking James Deen though. Cause he's handsome and he is a great star in the industry. But if this avenue does not work for her in making her relevant I am sad to think what she might do next. But good luck to her I guess. Why can't she be happy, in just being normal and not being famous? :/ Be happy at being a mother of a beautiful little girl and just raising that little girl and living a normal life with that little girl? I dunno but just good luck to her. And yay for James Deen! :D


Why are you labeling it a sex tape? It's just porn now. Poor girl.


but even pictures of women's nipples are "Not Done" inamerica.

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