Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect: ID'd By 4Chan Think Tank?

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The FBI, Boston Police and Massachusetts State Police are working at a frenzied pace to track down who is responsible for Monday's Boston Marathon bombings.

The Internet is also doing its investigative thing.

Specifically, a 4Chan Think Tank purports to have isolated a possible suspect or suspects using images taken around the time of Monday's tragic blast.

Here's one of them:

Boston Bombing Suspect Photo?

While most, if not all Internet conspiracy theories such as the mystery man on the roof are unlikely to pan out, some users say this one may have legs.

Officially, there are no suspects in the attack that killed three and injured 170 people, many severely, so maybe even the armchair detectives can help.

NOTE: THG is not labeling anyone a suspect, or claiming any knowledge of the situation, just sharing a 4Chan board we thought might interest readers.

Follow the jump for all of the "evidence" on the board so far:

UPDATE, 4/18, 5:52 p.m.: The FBI released photos of the suspects moments ago and asked for the public's help in identifying them. Here is a photo:

Boston Bombing Suspects Photo

The bomb is in the baby carriage. "mama" is wearing desert tan military boots. She will be back as part of the bomb squad. She can't see what she is doing with her phone because she has shades on. The carriage is not is full. The handle is retracted because they ain't leaving with it.


U.S. Code, Section 2656f(d) defines terrorism as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.”
The black and tans were sayanims, mossad agents working with Xe, Blackwater, Craft International and the Boston Bomb Squad - why do you think the bomb dogs never picked up on the scent? Hmmmm!


"may have legs" is a really poor choice of words...


Those people with backpacks are government security a.k.a. "blackwater" people & they are there to make us SAFE from terrists!

Jay gamon

after over 12 years of the “War on Terror” the American people are supposed to accept that the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. and the entire U.S. security establishment haven’t got a clue as to who carried this out. Americans are supposed to accept that despite the trillions spent on the war-on-terror-post 9-11-paradigm some individual with pressure cookers, radio-controlled model batteries and black duffel bags, outsmarted the entire U.S. security apparatus and pulled off a heinous act. To top it all off everyone is supposed to accept that the FBI and police are begging the public for assistance, because they are, in reality, clueless.


Pay no attention to the dancing Israelis here to "document the event."


I see 4 guys (so far) with black backpacks in that photo


Could someone please explain why pple think our gov't would do this, the sandy hook hurricane sang and now this I don't understand ,from what i see is when the mob goes off the two cops that are standing in front of it walk away I don't see pple running away and their are a handful of pple on the ground and I see two military man removing the barriers not the police does any body agree

Jay gamon
@ Help me understand

I wonder how Americans digest the fact that their president, who signs off on an illegal extra-judicial global assassination list every “Terror Tuesday”, authorizing precision surgical drone assassinations based on real-time and iron-clad intelligence, then appears on television after a terrorist attack takes place in his back yard and says things like, “We have no sense of motive in Boston Marathon bombing”, without suffering total brain meltdown. The bombing at the Boston Marathon might call for questions to be raised as to whether the entire U.S. security and intelligence apparatus really cares one iota about the American people.
Have Americans been lied to then? You make that judgment. Sure they tell the American people they need Echelon, the CIA, the NSA, the DHS, fusion centers, tracking devices, RFID chips, drones, indefinite illegal detention, illegal torture prisons that provide no actionable reliable intelligence, satellites, gun control, pre-crime arrest, a stifling of freedom of speech and expression, militarized police armed to the teeth, control of every channel of communication, censorship of the media, complete control of the internet and a cowed and dumbed down population to keep “Americans” safe, but doesn’t this act in Boston prove that all of that is a lie? Could it be the elites and the corporations who now own and control the U.S. Government have another agenda they are carrying out, one which includes total and complete control over the population? Or are we to continue to believe that they care about your safety? Why then did no one inspect the area under the bleachers where the parents of the victims of the Connecticut shootings were sitting and where there were reports that an unexploded bomb was found? Why were these bombs allowed to sit where they were unnoticed for hours, or perhaps days? Why didn’t the U.S. security apparatus think to conduct a sweep of the area before the marathon started, or did they and they were so inept they failed to notice what some reports say were 9 bombs?


By god we will get to the bottom of this!!


Suspect #1 is a Sargent with the US Army!!!

@ CJ

how do you know this?

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