The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Promo: Brandi Under Attack!

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The claws are out for the epic two part The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special, beginning next week after the third season finale on Bravo.

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    Brandi is trash and I see why her husband left her. Oh my gosh does she not talk about anyone? I think she is just an attention wanting tramp!


    I like Yolanda Foster a lot, she 's classy, beautiful and smart. Kyle and Kim are such attention hungry pushy broads, no class at all. Brandi is fun. LIsa V I admire consistently, Taylor nip your lip.


    Agree with Klo, can't stand Brandi ! Lisa is a big disappointment. She use to be Kyle's friend and has stabbed her in the back. I thought Yolanda would be a true friend, but, she isn't. Lisa will find out Brandi is a user !


    Adrienne Maloof and Faye Resnick are two of the biggest trash bags I have ever seen


    Just curious what sort of "relationship" there is between Brandi and the Vanderpumps. It seems as though the V's defend and protect her a little too much. They don't strike me as conformists, but something is up between the 3 of them.
    Yolanda is a know it all.... Kyle is a true friend being screwed over by the 3 bullies, Brandi, Lisa and now Yolanda.


    Can't stand Brandi, since she has been on there has been nothing but BS every episode. I am thinking of not tuning in anymore.

    @ klo1958

    Faye Resnick along with Kyle are highly toxic, I forward the show when they're on, can't stand them, pushy know it all B....s


    I love Adrienne but she's definitely changed. I'm having a hard time rooting for her anymore. And what ever happened to her shoe line? I was intrigued ...


    Brandi only comes out and says what everyone would like to but they dont have the guts ! However Faye Resnick is a washed up mess and a troublemaker and shouldnt be on this or any other show ! And Adrienne is a big fake and anothet liar !


    First off Maloof is full of crap she strikes me as a woman who talks mess then blames others
    It was clear from the first season her and Paul wasn't that close she totally showed major disrespect for her husband. And Faye like really who is she Maloof spokes person how much is she paying you. Kyle typical Hollywood chick runs her mouth then hides like OMG I don't want to say anything but got her BIG OLE ears open. KYM thank God you're sober but don't judge cause baby you have NO ROOM TO TALK. Yolanda I love you beautiful lady Ms Lisa Wonderful be you however Faye wouldnt have been at my house in the first place don't deal with those heffas. And Kelsey Grammar's ex ( I forgot her name) but can you say Soooooo Fake in every aspect.. Taylor bless your heart praying for you... Brandi Brandi Brandi girl don't you know you are around the world of FAKE AND LIES they talk about you and everything is ALL your fault in the world because they don't KNOW WHAT TRUTH IS AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS... Just keep your friends small Lisa and Yolanda the rest of them can
    KICK ROCKS....


    Good God! What happened to Brandi's face? She looks scary! Hopefully the next season of HW will be the last.Brandi is a joke as a "housewife" of any kind. I would rather watch Faye and Adrienne, at least they are not crying about being broke, bashing people, and talking about their sex lives non stop!!

    @ Heidi

    Heidi I'm totally with you, I love Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi. Scratch Kyle, Faye and Kim.

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