Ray J Slams Woman as "Fat B-tch," Beats Down Fellow Club Patron

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Ray J was involved in another pounding last night.

Only this time, Kim Kardashian was not involved.

What Up, Ray J?

TMZ has posted a video of Ray J getting into it at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles early this morning, first with a woman he referred to as a "fat bitch" and then with a fellow patron.

The incident started after Ray dissed an unnamed female, who responded by telling the singer that she's "the bitch they wouldn't go get to whup bitches asses" and that she "ain't no fake-ass n-gger."

From there, another dude stepped in and things turned physical.

It's clear from the video, though, that Ray J came out on top.

You know, just like in the Kim Kardashian sex tape.


Ray j is a Bum who probably had to come up with something else to do cuz hosting parties isn't bring in the cash so u release a single for 5 more minutes of fame cuz u broke. I hope Kim sues this piece of trash for the last 5 cents he has. It is unacceptable for any man to pick on a pregnant woman


she first called him "Black Turd"!!

@ abe

That's Because he is a black turd


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