Tiger Woods Nike Ad: Does it Send the Wrong Message?

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Tiger Woods may be back on top of the golf world, but he hasn't put all controversy to rest, thanks to his "winning takes care of everything" Nike ad.

The new ad congratulates the golf legend's return to the No. 1 ranking with a phrase often used by Tiger himself ... one that's viewed differently now.

Tiger Woods Winning

The main takeaway: Some feel the ad's swagger is offensive given the 2009 cheating scandal that ruined his marriage and took a toll on his golf career.

Many Americans blasted the ad on Facebook and Twitter as being too dismissive of the many extramarital affairs Woods committed four years ago.

Among the choice comments Nike has received on FB:

  • "Nikes worst ad ever! I'll never buy Nike product again."
  • "Someone should get fired."
  • "This slogan is awful and counter to what we should be teaching our children."
  • "Does this mean that any athlete can commit crimes or act offensively and/or immorally and simply walk away from any personal and ethical responsibility if they WIN?"
  • "Just ask Elin and her big fat paycheck."
  • "Nike, you embarrassed yourself on this one."

When asked to comment, Nike said it was just a nod to Tiger's approach:

"Tiger has always said he competes to win," the athletic company said.

"When asked about his goals, such as getting back to No. 1, he has said consistently winning is the way to get there. The statement references that sentiment."

"[The ad[ is a salute to his athletic performance over the past year."

Nike either didn't think about how it could be interpreted given Tiger's sex scandal, or they just don't give a f--k. But it's clearly not bugging his new GF Lindsey Vonn.

She celebrated Tiger's achievement on Twitter yesterday too.

What do you think of the ad?

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