Justin Bieber Visits Selena Gomez, Will Be "Seriously" Investigated

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During perhaps the roughest period of his life, Justin Bieber has turned to his ex-girlfriend for comfort.

How else to interpret the fact that sources confirm to E! News that the singer stopped by Selena Gomez's house yesterday at approximately 3:30 p.m., prior to hopping on a plane and continuing his tour in Europe?

Biebs in Paris
Selena Gomez at Kids Choice Awards

Bieber reportedly stayed for about an hour. It's unclear what he discussed with Gomez, of course, but there's plenty going on with Justin these days.

He's been accused of spitting in a man's face and of driving recklessly around his neighborhood.

He's been under fire for randomly not wearing a shirt in public places and he fought a photographer in London and he passed out on stage during a concert.

And just when have all these incidents taken place? Soon AFTER he broke up with Selena.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But Bieber paying his ex a visit yesterday must lend some credence to the belief that she's a steadying influence in his life.

Elsewhere, TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County D.A.'s Office will look closely into the battery allegations against Bieber.

Authorities say the case will be taken very "seriously" and will definitely be referred to the District Attorney for review once the investigation is complete. Prosecution against Bieber is possible.


I would love that justin took a punch in the middle of the face of selena


Eu adoraria que Justin deu um soco no meio da cara de selena


to all you haters! just leave them alone they for sure don't care what you think. and they all have difficult life's. i don't mean to hate throw. thx


Bieber is a boy who thinks he's a man. Real man can be rational..


Let's be logical, ask yourself; why would you fly back to the states to visit for 40 hours when you're on tour in Europe? Was it because I needed to have my car delivered to my home? I can pick up my car anytime! Was it to go to my ex's house to pick up my cloths and things? Again that could have done back in early February when she was seen at Justin's house getting her stuff, or it could have been done after the European tour, or she could have had it delivered to Justin's LA hotel that he rents. Talk about not to diss each other anymore! A phone call would have taken care of that, especially when she didn't want to have anything to do with her ex that a reliable source has stated several times! That's a very expensive trip for any of the above. They talked for a little over an hour. So I can only speculate that they were talking a reunion. That would be the only time I would want to see my ex. LOL!!!


I think it was a good move on Justin's part to look to Salena for help. He clearly needs some support from someone who understands him! Justin Bieber "All Around The World" Remix


Justin Bieber n Selena Gomez seriously need 2 get back 2gether again right now and go at a Couples Therapy on VH1 TV.


no no no no no,she shouldn't be back with him,she just shouldn't!!!!!!!!!!


Selena would be smart to stay away. Justin has some very unscrupulous friends who are making trouble for him every day/night.


Justin Bieber visits Ex-GF Selena Gomez house Reunion Photos Revealed here http://tiny.cc/Bieber-Visits-Selena-Home

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